I Am Anonymous, Part 3-4: Trapped by Lies

I Am Anonymous Skylar“Michael! We have to go.” He struggled to get up, pulling me along. His face was in shock but his feet were fast.

Joey had taken off after trying to plow me in the school parking lot with his bumper. If it wasn’t for Michael’s quick reflexes I would be more than a little bruised. My heart was fluttering and I wasn’t sure what would happen next. We ducked and dived between cars keeping our heads down. He stretched his arm out in front of me when he saw Joey driving through the lots before leaving the parking lot.

Everyone was headed into class as if nothing happened. We continued to crouch behind cars until we got into my Hummer and I took off going to the only safe place I knew. Though I wasn’t sure how safe that was. We didn’t speak. Neither of us knew what to say. Rushing into the library we hid in the secret room. He hadn’t let go of my hand and as soon as the steel door shut behind us he pulled me into him. Feeling flushed as he pressed his lips against mine. I was eager to his reaction. It felt like every time he touched me I would black out, ending up beneath him on the couch. Yet this wasn’t the time. It was never the time.Reluctantly pulling away from his grasp I fought to breathe in and stop panicking as I realized this moment was only due to my almost death. That wasn’t okay.

“Skylar.” He ran his hands through his hair and fell back against the other side of the couch. “What happened?”

“While you were out training last night I was doing my research. It’s not like I can go to sleep after Sophia tried to attack me. When I was flipping through the channels I found Joey’s house and decided to check there first. He was talking on the phone with someone about a target. I just automatically assumed it was you.”

Michael stood up pacing. “What’s gong on? Everything is just his big lie.”

“Michael, if Joey and Sophia are in on this…then who else is, and beyond that….why am I a threat?”

“You wouldn’t be a threat if it wasn’t for me.” He leaned down taking my hands. “I’m going to fix this Skylar. I’m going to figure this out and I’m going to make sure you are safe.”

“How are you going to do that Michael?” I replied bitterly. “We have no idea what we are getting into. We haven’t even scratched the surface. If your closest friends are in on it then who knows who else. This town came out of nowhere and every single person you have met acts as if your past and there’s is much longer then it really is.”

He paused. “I’m not sure what they want with you but I’m going to find out.” He walked over to the door holding his hand on the lock. “You have plenty of food and water right.”

“Yea. If you give me just 10 minutes I’ll pack a bag and we can leave.”

He paused, stepping over to me. “You would do that. Leave your family, your life, for me?”

“Not just for you. For me too. The only thing that lives here are ghost.” I whispered. “I would do anything to start over. Even if that meant being with you.”

He laughed as I tried not to smile. “You always know just what to say.” Teasing with me he brushed a strand of hair out of my face. Leaning down he lifted my chin kissing me gently. “Forgive me.” He whispered as he turned around and held his hand over the lock again.

“What?” I felt dazed, like I normally do when he kissed me only I felt the panic arise as I saw the lock melting to the door.

“You’re important to me Skylar. You’re possibly the only real person in my life. I’d do anything to make sure you are safe.” He grabbed my hands holding them tightly.

“And that’s why you are locking us in this tiny room. We don’t have enough to survive more than a week.”

“I only need a few hours. I’m going to talk with Jessica and then we’ll leave.”

“Let me come with you.”

“No. You’ll be safer here. Keep an eye on the cameras for anything suspicious. I’ll come get you.” He grabbed my car keys from the table.

“Michael. Please don’t.” Reaching out for him he walked through the wall and I was just grasping air.

This was getting on my nerves. He was treating me like a damsel in distress. Sure I didn’t have his cool abilities but I wasn’t completely helpless. No one has killed me yet. Five minutes later I was still debating whether to sit here on the floor and continue to pout or move on. I thought of my brother Kal. What would he say right now? He would probably tell me to stop moping and get off my bony butt then stare my enemy straight on. That was the advice he had given me when I was being bullied by Kendra in the third grade.

Kal never helped me with my battles. He always told me that I had to fight my enemies by myself.

People are ruled by intimidation. You just need confidence little sis and give them hell. 

For me confidence was finding a weakness. There had to be a weakness in this whole operation. Getting back to the holy grail of TV’s I flipped through the channels watching for eyes that knew too much. That led me to Michael’s father. Going through the rooms I found him in the study. He wasn’t alone though, Jessica was there.

I couldn’t hear anything but an annoying buzzing sound. Probably one of Jessica’s tools to disrupt eavesdroppers. The folder they were staring at contained the same items that Joey held the other night. Mr. Tonician took out a small silver device from his pocket and sprayed a mist into Jessica’s eyes which dilated until they became completely black.


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