Behind the Scenes: Origin of My Ideas

ButterfliesToday I was talking to a friend assisting me on this publishing venture and we got on the topic of how I come up with what I write. Often people tell me I have a crazy imagination. Never really thought I did until I started writing and sharing. Personally, I don’t think I am any more creative than the next person. The difference between me and someone with no imagination is that I wander in my head and go over endless what-ifs.

My life is a big what if-. Not normally in retro-perspective but in theory and plausible future outcomes. The point is I dare to dream about any possible conclusion that my experienced mind can imagine. When I told some of the stories in relation to my ideas I was told that this view was inspirational and I should share it with the world because what I do is what anyone out there can do.

Firs,t one has to find the best way they think. Mine is when I have to concentrate on something important that doesn’t require all my brain control. That would be driving. Driving can be hypnotic when you are used to going a long distance from point A to point B. You have to concentrate on the road but your eyes wander momentarily over any objects that sway your judgement on the day. Other ways are walking. Being semi-conscious on the way home, using my eyes as alerts to be more focused, I take in the scenery. Then I imagine what it could be.


  • One car ride to work I was watching the trees as I stopped at one red light after another. I got to thinking about the importance of trees for oxygen transfer. The intricacy that controlled the tree’s life began to fascinate me. I started to think about technology and how it is similar to the biological attributes of living things. The roots of a tree reminded me of ethernet. While the roots fed the tree ethernet feeds a server for us to use. Then I thought of my story and the government created facility that is not reliant on mother nature because they found a way to create biologically engineered ways to provide the necessities in life. Trees are a necessity so within that DNA they allowed an expansion to hold electricity and data. The vines of the tree became those ethernet cords that send data to the main source, the Light House. The leaves became sensors that played off the environment and determines the atmosphere so that their people can use their abilities to control weather patterns needed.
  • One day I saw a butterfly. It was beautiful and mythical. Then I thought of what this beautiful insect could provide for my city. The wings grew to have human-like camera eyes that were used as surveillance  In my head I thought of them as half biological and half engineered with nano technology. Of course what they are viewing is live for the Light House to watch but that information needs to be downloaded in a secure place in case they have to retrieve footage. Not all butterflies are interesting to watch through their eyes if there is nothing to entertain the camera. Someone showed me a picture of butterflies resting on trees when I was at work. It was a beautiful sight and of course my favorite color. That is when I realized that the butterflies feet were made to transfer data when they land on its bark.
  • A week ago in this awesome GA weather I got to see the highest pollen count taking effect in my life. Thankfully I have no allergies because several days you could literally see the pollen moving through the air. I began to really think about the idea of pollen and how we are breathing it in which is why those allergic to it living in GA have such a horrid time being comfortable during months like these. Then I thought about my city, of course, when am I not thinking about Project E.D.E.N. I imagined that if the government wanted to increase extra restraint on a particular individual the flowers would secrete pollen in the air, really nano transmitters that appeared as pollen. This pollen once breathed in would give the government control over their functions until it is digested out of your system. I’ve always been a big fan of flowers and their use in the city because I knew that everything in that city was more than looks, there is a purpose behind everything. When I started the series I had already imagined flowers being used as cameras or to produce toxins when an individual is in its direct path outside city barriers.

These thoughts only come naturally when I let my mind relax and I take advantage of a  weird idea that flies on by; writing it or recording it as fast as I can. Sometimes I grab that moment and as I think about the possibilities my mind begins to manipulate the idea. At first it was difficult to have these ideas flow but after practice and realization of my senses things began to change and Project E.D.E.N. was born.


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