I Am Anonymous, Part 3-2: Chick Fight

IAmAnonymousSkylarSchool was becoming a total drag. Not that it already wasn’t. The worst part of it all was changing in the girls locker room. I wasn’t a fan of public dress-rooms, privacy was big for me, therefore the locker in the back corner away from everyone else was my preferred spot. Sophia was laughing with her friends in the distance. Hearing everyone leave I pulled off my shirt and unfolded the blue cameo bedazzled t-shirt. Putting the shirt on I was surprised to find Sophia in front of my face.

“Hi Skylar.”

“Sophia.” I nodded, shutting my locker.

“So you and Michael.” She stated.

“So you and Joey” I reiterated.

She shrugged her shoulders. “Joey is fun.  He’s the kind of guy you enjoy a weekend with, however Michael is the kind of guy that I’m supposed to be with.”

Walking to the door I just wanted to avoid this conversation.

“Who do you think you are?” She stepped in front of me. “You just waltz in here and you steal my boyfriend.”

“Look, Michael and I never did anything when you were together. We were just friends. You’re the one who made up his mind in the end.” Pushing her aside I attempted to walk out the door again.

“I don’t think so.” Sophia grabbed my book-bag causing me to fall on the ground.

“What’s your problem.” I screamed as she jumped on me holding my arms down.

“You are going to break up with him or I’ll break your face.”

“That’s real original.” I spit in her face.

Taking her hand off me she punched me in the jaw which stung like crazy. With my free arm I grabbed my bag and threw it against her face then kicked her in the gut as I scrambled up.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” I stated.

“You’re a virus.” She stood up stalking me down as blood dripped from her nose. I walked backwards up against the lockers, confused by the stone cold look upon her face. She grabbed me by the throat and with amazing strength she lifted me up till my feet couldn’t touch the ground.

Struggling to keep breathing my hands pried at her fingers. Feeling stupid I remembered what my brother had taught me when he visited us during his leaves. Staring into her eyes for the first time I noticed they were black. Her face wasn’t strained and the strength she maintained to hold me up didn’t waver. Taking advantage of her straight contact my hands reached up to her face and i pressed my thumbs into her sockets until she let go stepping back holding her hands up to her face, but she didn’t scream.

Running through the shower room, I knew it was a dead-end, I had to find a way back but right now I decided to just hide. Stepping on one of the toilet seats I locked the stall and waited, hoping she would leave.

“Skylar.” Her voice was menacing as I heard her stepping into the room. “You are a virus and I will destroy you.”

This was getting creepy. Then I heard her punching in the doors. Instead of stepping away in pain from the blow her fist made contact that caused the door to come off the hinges. My door would be next. Reaching up for a hanging pipe. I kicked my feet up as she kicked my door in. Letting my legs down I plowed into her face with my combat boots causing me to fall against the floor as she hit the wall. The blow didn’t faze her. She pushed back her brown wavy hair, snarled at me and then grabbed the pipe beneath one of the sinks. Water flowed out as she stood up and turned toward me.

Swinging the pipe at me I ducked and she hit one of the stalls. Dropping down to the ground I side-kicked her, she fell to the floor. Taking that time to run away she grabbed at my ankle. Kicking her over and over I released myself, scrambling to my feet, I limped back to the locker room toward my bag. Wrestling through it I was stopped by her arm grabbing me in a choke hold. Her strength was incredible however my brother had prepared me for self-defense. Using my arms to grab behind me I yanked her over my shoulder from behind. Her head hit the tile and she was out. Blood covered her face from all the cuts on her cheeks and forehead.

Breathing erratically I held my bag close as I shoved my hand in digging for the last measure of defense I had against her as I backed up to the wall. As I expected her eyes opened, and she lunged at me. Before she could reach I held up my taser to her chest, pressed the button, and watch her body uncontrollably shake, her black eyes rolling back from the volts. Falling against the floor again I let go of the button, holding the taser close to me.

Her eyes flew open again which caused me to jump and hold out the taser as I looked into her normal muddy brown eyes only outside her pupil her eyes were bloodshot from where I must have popped a blood vessel.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Sophia.” I choked out.

She touched her face feeling the blood and looked at it. Screaming she rushed to her feet. “What happened!” She stood up and ran out of the room.

Her shriek was so loud that it caused me to jump again. A door swung open for the second time, heavy footsteps pounded against the floor, strong arms picked me up.

“What happened?! Your bleeding.” Michael dabbed at my lip as he stared at my face. “Skylar!” He shook me.

“She tried to kill me.” I whispered.


“You’re ex-girlfriend.” I curled into his chest trying not to shake. “Michael, I don’t think she was herself.”


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