I Am Anonymous, Part 3-1: A Few Weeks Later

IAmAnonymousSkylar“Michael, please don’t jump!” I screamed as I woke up.

Breathing hard, looking around, I was still in my bed. I crawled out to look through the window in hopes that Michael was sitting on his roof watching the stars. It was comforting knowing he was right next door. Especially when I was having night terrors. Something not so new for me. Walking over to the mirror I tucked my blonde curls into a scrunchy. Staring into my dark green eyes I got distracted as I thought about the dream that was slipping from my mind. All I could remember now was him jumping as I just stood there, screaming.

Michael wasn’t awake and after the last few weeks I didn’t want to wake him. Ever since he met his sister I had given him rides to train with her from early in the morning to midnight, driving far enough to be away from anyone we knew. While Michael spent hours training I utilized random libraries or coffee shops with wifi to do research and go through archived newspapers. He just found out that his father and all of his friends were not really his friends. That the life he remembered spending in that house was only true for the last two years of his life.

This wasn’t an ideal position. His father was a major global player in the technology market. His sister was working for the government and she was on a mission that she was working against. Her job was to find Mr. Tonician’s biggest secret that was rumored to be technology that would be able to hack all governments mainframe. All rumors that so-called Jessica was deciphering until she found Michael. She wasn’t being completely honest, I knew this. However, I was afraid that if I told Michael that he would push me away. I know I had done the same when I protected my brother from my mom, my father, even the cops. That day marked a lesson for keeping my mouth shut, some secrets are meant to be kept. I was just a stupid girl then.

Instead of opening my mouth I was being patient and helped in the only way I knew how, researching. I had become really good at it years ago when I started taking computer classes in fifth grade. My dad noticed my skills and little did I know that our father and daughter projects was actually research on my mother to find out that we weren’t biologically related. Computers hadn’t been really my thing since then, until now.

My trust in Jessica was only due to the fact that she was working for the government to find this big secret and at some point she found out it was her own brother; yet she claims her memory to have been erased. What if she was still following orders. If she brought her brother to the government then she would have him and they would have their secret. Perhaps a selfish thought of Michael no longer being around but I also knew the government wouldn’t be treating him like a human when they got their hands on him. He was special, and so was she. What if that gave them permission to experiment more because they have two. Then again were they the only ones. Shaking out of my reflection I threw on some clothes and my combat boots. These were things that I had to keep secret. It was all speculation.

It was just a few hours past midnight. I treaded down the stairs quietly in the grand huge house where every small sound echoed. I heard someone in the kitchen. Peeping my head in I saw my mother sitting at the kitchen table sipping on a martini. She was crying. Her husband was out of town. My mother was never good left by herself. Yet I never enjoyed her company.

Sneaking down the hall I walked into the library and found my secret hallway to the bachelors pad. Jessica had told us last week that she was living just a few houses down with the O’Malley’s so I had paid careful attention to their house. Their were cameras all over this neighborhood but some houses had added on rooms in the past years so they didn’t have any cameras mounted. Not sure why this man who lived here before me was so curious but it could be helpful now.

Flipping to the O’Malley’s I brought up all the cameras to the outside. I had space for one more camera and I couldn’t help myself. Flipping that camera to Michael’s room, which was a camera on a tree that was peering into the window, I saw nothing. His bed was empty and a mess. Taking the remote I had found in a secret compartment under a hollow floorboard, I used the joystick to zoom out and around. He wasn’t on the roof. My heart began to pound wondering where he had gone.

“Hey!” His body walked literally through the wall.

“Michael you scared the crap out of me.” I screamed throwing a pillow at him.

“Skylar,” he laughed. as the rest of his arm came out to block the pillow.

“Are we too good for the door now?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Jessica says it’s good to practice. The look on your face was also priceless.” He laughed.

“Has she even told you her real name?”

“She doesn’t know her real name. She doesn’t remember much of the past. She just remembers me and her being separated. We don’t talk too much anyway, just train.”

Suspicious was the word echoing in my mind but I tried to move past it. “How did you know where I was?”

“Practicing my hearing. I heard you wake up and so on.”

“That’s not weird at all.” I laughed. “I’m glad you are here though.”

He stepped over and pulled me in. His lips eagerly pressed against me as I clutched his shirt. I could hardly breathe and my heart was erratic. These moments felt like they could last forever yet when he pulled away it felt too soon.

“Spying on me?” He looked at the TV as he took a deep breath. “Kinky.” He laughed and kissed me again.


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