Don’t Sell Yourself Short your eyes and envision where you are going to be 10 years from now, 5 years, 2 years…6 months. If you are deciding to be in the same shoes then yawn I guess you can carry on with your uneventful self. The rest of us have goals and dreams or even distant thoughts. For most the problem lies in making plans and one day they wake up and wondering why they are living within the conditions around them. There probably not too happy unless they woke up lucky. For those who plan in advance, even if that is only 6 months away, things are on the horizon. Opportunities are able to be formed the only question is whether you take the opportunity.

So often many of us don’t follow through with the idea we haveof  ourselves. It is much easier to continue down the path we currently stand on. Perhaps we get comfortable, go from running, to walking, then looking for a bench to park ourselves and watch time go by. Time doesn’t have a choice to keep going, we do. It is up to us to decide that now is the time to keep going. Stop putting your life on hold and keep going after what you want and deserve. When you realize that this opportunity is something that is worth going after then stop thinking about it and go forth. Research the hell out of what you want. Understand what others will want from you in return.

Surely if an opportunity is presented to you it doesn’t mean that you won’t get it because others are in the running. Life is about taking chances. You can’t sell yourself short. When you start doing that you find yourself back at the start line just sipping on the kool-aid. Not everyone can win; everything in the end is a solo race. Life is going to get you down, it’s going to get you unmotivated and you will be looking inward at yourself. Sometimes opportunities have a tendency to make us feel weak, nervous, and too good to be true. The question is do you have the skill set? If not then go get it. However if you do then what are you waiting for. Opportunities are available for a reason and that reason is to give someone a chance. One day that could be you.

When that chance comes, be it a career or relationship, go after it and sell yourself. Make the best impression. Plan things out ahead of time. Tell yourself you deserve it because your voice and body language will emanate from the feeling of confidence. Recall all the good things people have said to you and what you have accomplished. Remind yourself. why not me?

Life is short and if you don’t scream out and ask for it in whatever manner the interaction may call for then what are you living for? It’s time to get your hands clean and think about what you want, plan for it, and take advantage when the moments arise. What is the worst that can happen? They reject you, say no, tell you they are not interested, or maybe it’s not you its me speech. Whatever it be, that rejection is only the same if you hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunity. A big fat resounding NO. Don’t let the nothingness deny you before you can put up a fight.

Life is more than just breathing. Life is about miracles and accomplishing things for ourselves or with others. Run for it and when you find what you have sought after, cherish it. Nothing will ever be what you thought it will be. At the very least why can’t it just be about what you need.


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