I Am Whatever You Say I Am

In my head there is this image of who I am. I’m intricate. Not just one thing and some times it can even be one extreme to the next. We are all unique in this way. Each of us can be defined under many categories and with many different words. If anyone wanted to they could write a book of their life because we are that complex

This world tries so hard to simplify things. We worry that with so many changes and so many choices that the world would be in chaos if we couldn’t find a way to fit each thing into a description of a few words. Therefore in turn we sometimes take the complexity of who we are and try to simplify our meaning into these very categories.

Being human is not about being one thing yet we continue to put our thoughts and issues into a multitude of categories to simplify our lives and make us feel better that we have a clear understanding of our surroundings. Sometimes we even look into ourselves and try hard to fit each part of our thoughts into a category that makes sense and is cohesive with other categories as well as a supporting influences to our environment and lifestyle.

When you look at yourself, really look into yourself, you tend to find that you can be many things from one extreme to the next. So instead of accepting your traits for what they are you push certain things aside to not make life as complicated and mysterious. So while I am sweet and kind I can also be devious and inappropriate therefore people around me will pick apart what they see most and assume that is who I am. Maybe to one I am an angel while another thinks of me as a demon. You can’t win all hearts.

That is why it is so important to not get consumed in the labels and stereotypes. For a moment, forget about who everyone thinks you are. Who are you? Think of what you really are and what makes you that person. Are there things you don’t like about yourself? Figure out what you want to be and show that to the world. At the end of the day people only know you for what they perceive.  They know you through the small encounters and moments that they have with you and the attitude that you wore on your sleeve that day.

Don’t just look into yourself to gain a deeper understanding of who you think you are. Own it. Because if you are the only one that knows your true self then ask yourself is that who you really are? At the end of the day when you are no more than ashes or dirt you will find that what you thought about yourself ceases to exist from the moment you ceased to exist. People that live on will speak of your memory and you have to wonder to yourself what they saw of you to gain their perception.

When you figure that out you have to determine if what the general people think of you is what you want to leave them with. If the answer is yes then peace be with you because you are on the right track of understanding who you are and letting others see the real you. If you are like most then you have either failed to truly define yourself or have not opened yourself up to those around you.

You can be whoever you want to be. At the end of the day if people don’t see you for who you are then maybe you are not that person. Perception tells everyone who you are. It doesn’t matter who you think you are if no one knows who that is. When you are long gone people won’t remember you for who you say you are or think you are. They will remember you for who they thought you were. Make sure that someone is who you want to be remembered as because those people at the end of the day who have the right understanding of who and what you are will be there to help you and let you in on who they really are too.

You are not who you say you are. You are what everyone sees. If a tree falls and no one is there to witness does it make a sound? The answer is that it only makes a sound to those who are listening. If it made a sound when no one was there to hear then it is just speculation.


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