I Am Anonymous, Part 2-11: More Questions


Skylar was sitting in her mothers BMW down the street as I awaited for my fathers secretary. Standing inside my school by last years class project at 5 in the morning was not exactly my favorite idea of meeting. However the message had said by the tree that leaves memories and this years art protect was a dedication of memories on a large painted tree where all the seniors had been walking up to it all year to write a memory upon one of the leaves.

5 minutes. Waiting was making me feel more anxious than I thought it would. Trying to pass time I looked at the leaves with their messages. Some of them were corny and funny but a few sad ones caught my eye. Memories of the past that haunted them and some that went through hard times over the years. I noticed one of the leaves wasn’t painted on the wall. Peeling it off I read the words: ‘I’ll never forget the day I learned my family had been sold.’ On the back of the leaf was another note. ‘Meet me at the park. Lose the girl.’

This was getting weird. Text messaging Skylar that I needed to do this alone I shut off my phone. Walking out the door I found a blue mountain bike with a red bow on it. This was too much. None of it even made sense. Jumping on the bike it was several miles before I got to the only public park outside a school yard. It was eerily empty. The creaking of a swing from the wind was the only presence in this ghost park. There were few good memories here. Ever since my mother had passed away I had never come here. This was our solitude when father was too busy and in a frantic mood. We would come here to get away.

Mom always had something fun to take my mind off the fact that dad was too busy to be around. She tried with treasure hunts, water balloon fights, and in the winter snow ball fights. My heart jumped when I heard the swings stop making noises. Turning around was the girl, dad’s secretary, an agent of some sort. She was sitting in one of the swings with her auburn hair tied up in a ponytail. She looked much younger than she had in the office. There was no make-up and she was wearing a pair of jeans and a green shirt underneath her jacket.

“Hi Michael.”

“Who are you?”

“I have many names. Right now I’m Jessica, your fathers secretary.”

“What are your other names?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “None of them matter. Their just names. I was pretty surprised this whole time though, that when we found you again, that no one would be stupid enough to leave you as a Michael.”

She stood up really fast, coming up close to me “Do you remember me Michael?”

Scratching my head I was confused. She sounded crazy. “No.”

“I wouldn’t think so. It took me a while to understand too. They do a really good job erasing things before we are given to our owners.”

“Owners?” I stepped away, confused. How could she say I was owned.

“For you I can only imagine this information is new. When I first heard it I was at the academy getting prepared for my first mission.” She laughed. “This whole time I’ve been training for missions because it was my purpose. That’s what they told me before I was sent to live amongst the academy with many people like us.”

“Like us.” I repeated. “I saw you in the video, at our house. You walked through the wall and landed stories down on the ground like it was nothing.  Are we the same?”

“No one is ever the same Michael.” She smiled. She was patient and her gentle light brown eyes made me feel safe somehow. “We are all unique. Not everyone uses their abilities to the same extent. That is why when one is found to have such immensity in their abilities they are very much sought after. Our kind reacts differently.”

“Our kind?”

“It sounds weird doesn’t it. We can do all these really intense tricks and somehow saying it out loud makes it seem less real. I’m not sure of what we are called or who we are. Just two months ago I was doing what I’ve been doing everyday since I can remember, training for the army to help save the world from corruption. When I was given my first assignment  I was very excited because I was one of the youngest to have ever been given an assignment that allowed me to leave the confounds of the baracks. I was told that I would be employed at Techtonic’s and my mission was to find out the CEO’s biggest secret. It wasn’t hard for someone who can hear from far away and sneak around through walls to get the job done. I’ve been collecting data and putting together the pieces. You know that though. I found it strange that the CEO would hide bits of the encrypted information within certain hands of his organization. I was even more surprised to see the project coming out of it. What do you think about that?”

“I don’t understand any of this.” I shouted, more confused than I was before.

“Look closely at what you have collected. Think harder about your childhood. You haven’t been in the Tonician’s life as long as you remember.”

“Michael?” I turned around to see Joey walking down the path. Turning back to the girl she was gone, as if she had never been here. “What are you doing out here at this time?” He asked.

“Why do you care?” I glared at him and started to walk off in the other direction. There was no way I could go home after this. There was no way that I could talk to anyone or face them, let alone Joey.

“I messed up man, I know that. I’ve been a douche. Your dad called and was worried about you.”

“Neither of you have to be worried about me as far as I’m concerned.” I walked off leaving him with his hands being thrown up in the air.


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