I Am Anonymous, Part 2-10: Identity Theft

I AM ANONYMOUSFor days I had been sitting on this information that implied I wasn’t who I thought I was, Michael Tonician. Sitting in my bed I stared at this boys picture on my phone. The real Michael. The one that my dad’s secretary had been researching, taking bits of information from other people’s computers. The only information she had gathered on this boy was his physical attributes, first name, and a lot of research that was heavily encrypted. Data I had been working on for a while but I realized it was not the encryption of the documents that was the issue when I finally unlocked them yesterday. It was the lack of information.

There were so many questions. Why was my dad’s secretary spying and why was she choosing this one thing out of hundreds of projects that my fathers company was overseeing? What was so special about this boy and why was I named after him? Was it a coincidence? Michael is a very common name. His features were nothing like mine. I had dark brown eyes instead of these light copper. Though we did both have short brown hair mine was much darker and had always been cut very short and cropped since sixth grade. Staring at his picture wasn’t helping.

Time was getting away from me. The only other thing on my mind was Skylar. Though with the weight of everything else I didn’t realize I was already late to meet her. The door knocked. I was startled and hurried to turn off my monitors so my father wouldn’t have a clue what I was up to. Normally he was in the study on a sunny Sunday, going through reports from other competitors. Opening the door I was elated to see Skylar. She was the most beautiful thing that my eyes had ever come across. Her blonde curly hair reached down to her shoulders slightly covering up her spaghetti strapped bright green tank top. Her deep green eyes were startling like cat eyes and made it hard to know what she was thinking.

“I figured you forgot.” She shrugged her shoulders and walked past my awed expression to sit on my bed. Crossing her legs over her shredded jeans she wore the same black combat boots as always.

“Not forgot. Just lost track of time.” I gave her a grin and sat on the bed. “Wish we could have met months ago, before I became distracted with all of this.” I threw up my hands.She understood what I meant. Before I realized I had abilities that humans don’t have and before I realized that my dad had secrets that were aimed at being exposed.

“Me too, but better now than never. So you ready to go spy?” She smiled, her eyes lighting up. “Though you do realize that the tree right out there has a really good shot into your bedroom window.”

“Does it.” My voice stuttered trying to think of all the possible things she could have seen me doing the past few weeks.

“Yea, I like to peek in once in a while. Especially when we made plans. Are you doing okay with all of this?”

“I’m fine.”

“I know. But I also know that is what I tell other people when I don’t want to share what is on my mind.”

“What’s on your mind?” I asked leaning back against the headboard.

“Better than you.” She laughed, only it sounded melancholy and her smile faded. “Mom and new step-daddy have been fighting. She thinks he’s cheating on her and he thinks she drinks too much. I’ve been holding myself up in the cave ignoring everything but after a while it gets lonely and a bit claustrophobic.”

I nodded my head. I wanted to comfort her but she was in this reserved position. I had learned to know she didn’t want to be consoled. Not yet. She was trying to pretend like she wasn’t upset and if I showed her too much sympathy then she wouldn’t be able to ignore how she feels.

“Well spying sounds fun and all but I found a more efficient way to deal with the questions. I put a tracker on her phone. It’s in the early stages of development but my father taught me well and I was able to borrow the program. So I was thinking the two of us could do something fun for a change and if there is anything spy worthy my phone will let me know.”

“So like a date?”

“I guess we could call it a date. After all I’ve already made it to first base. I figured a real date could get me to the next base faster.” She threw a pillow at me. “I’ll take the date but you can hold onto your bases.”

Finding myself in a romantic comedy would have normally bored me but I was with Skylar and for once things felt a bit normal. Yawning I did the sliding my arm over her shoulder thing. It worked out nicely. She leaned in I slouched down. My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing. The night couldn’t have been more perfect. Then the phone vibrated. Pulling it out of my pocket there was a notification showing movement. She had left her apartment. Only it was impossible for her to have left her apartment just one second ago and yet be….here.

“I’m going to use the bathroom.” I whispered leaving Skylar shoving popcorn in her mouth durring a sappy part.

Following my phones tracker I was about to open the door. I felt something as I grabbed the door handle. It wasn’t normal. It was hot and vibrated slightly. Looking down at my phone I saw the green dot that resembled her location which was on top of the yellow dot resembling me.

Taking a deep breath I opened the door feeling as if I had to yank it open and when I got a glimpse no one was there. No one was in the hallway. I was alone.

Looking down at the phone there was a message from her number. ‘5 a.m. in the park by the big tree that leaves a memory.’


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