Happiness is a mood, not a destination.

Happiness Honey Script

Happiness seems like this definitive idea of what we can or will have in the future once we attain short or long term goals. Yet if that is true, and how we deem it to be, then why is it that there are days, moments, or hours where we are happy. For just that moment in time we are reminded of what we have to be grateful for and how great our life is. Other moments, however, are consumed by sadness, hate, indifference and many other emotions.

Watching re-runs of One Tree Hill on Netflix the character Julius spoke such beautiful lines that gained a whole new perspective on how happiness should be determined.

People get lost when they think of happiness as a destination. We’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy, you know, we’ll get that car, or that job, or that person in our lives that will “fix” everything. But happiness is a mood, and it’s a condition, not a destination. It’s like being tired, or hungry… it’s not permanent. It comes and goes, and that’s okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they’d find happiness a lot more often.
-One Tree Hill

I’ve been lost so many times trying to figure out what would make me happy. A flash back of me at 8 years old riding in my grandma’s Cadillac in Lordship, Connecticut, just as we were leaving short beach, I remember one of those thoughts of how I could be happy. Simplistic thoughts that are still prevalent today. Then I wanted a hamster. Silently I prayed that if my wishes were granted to have my own hamster I would be happy for the rest of my life. A few years later I did receive that hamster but of course the destination didn’t make me happy for the rest of my life. That is how life has been. An uphill battle to find what will make me happy. What a joke, I realize now.

Life and happiness are not destinations. They are not goals to get through. Happiness, like any other emotion or need or want, is a state of mind. Reminding yourself  of what really matters, and looking at the bright side can prove to you what happiness feels like. Not that fuzzy glowing side that makes you wonder if you drank the kool-aid. The side that says it could be worse and look what you have that others would dream of. Don’t under-appreciate who you are. Everyone out there is feeling down and sometimes they’re feeling under but at the end of the day we aren’t alone and what we do, who we are, and what little we think we have accomplished, is a treasure of accomplishments for others to emotionally crave.

There is no journey that leads to a destination without enjoying the moment. Happiness is the mood we all choose to bask in when we allow ourselves. If that is something you feel incapable of then I suggest comparing your life to several others and you might just find that you are very happy with what cards you have been dealt. Deal or be dealt. The world is yours and happiness is deep within your shadows.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is a mood, not a destination.

  1. Many times I was thinking whether I had been content with whatever little I achieved and also felt happy even by recalling the so called achievements again and again feeling repeatedly happy. Yes, after reading this article, I am convinced I have been right in being happy. Thanks.

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