I Am Anonymous, Part 2-8: The Walls Have Eyes

I AM ANONYMOUS2Knocking on Skylar’s door, I was greeted by a butler who looked preoccupied.

“Is Skylar here?”

He nodded his head. “Down the hall, in the library.”

Of course she was. That was her solitude and a very mysterious place that she had discovered. Quietly I walked down the hallways to attract no extra attention if anyone were to be sober around here and I quietly opened the grand doorways to the library. She wasn’t in eyesight as I expected. I ran up the stairs to the second story and found the secret garden leading to the hidden passage.

At the end of the hall was the only door that led to the small little bachelor pad, or more like a sophisticated bat cave. Hesitating for a minute I pondered what I was going to say. Since Friday when I had caused a bloody scene I hadn’t talked to Skylar. I didn’t even thank her for getting me out of there and agreeing not say anything about what had happened. Then again she knew things about me that no one else did.

The door opened before my knuckles could hit the door. “I was wondering if you were ever going to knock then I figured I would just open the door before you lost your courage.” Skylar stated.


“Right there.” She pointed to a very small lens that rested in between several low lights. “You going to come in or did you just want to waver in the shadows.”

I rolled my eyes and stepped in. “Anything good come on tv.”

“Well, since you ask.” She flipped over to another channel and sat back on the only love seat in the room. “Appears that Mrs. Aplin three mansions down is having an affair with her pool cleaner. Cliche’ don’t you think. Then there is the Weston’s who think that skinny dipping is a privilege done better in everyone else’s pools.” She laughed.

“Looks like you are really getting the lay of the land.”

“I’ve got nothing better to do.” She laughed. “I just let it flip through the channels while I’m reading. Every once in a while I look up and get a surprise. Can you believe that the guy who lived here before had all these cameras installed.”

“Well, his house was built before everyone’s else’s  I believe that he sold most the plots to half the neighbors. Maybe he was worried about who was living on his land.” I shrugged. “Everyone’s got a secret.”

“Sorry you had to see…what happend on Friday.”

“It’s not your fault. This whole time Sophia thought I was cheating on her but really she was cheating with me. The only thing that hurts is they have both been my best friends since elementary and now, I don’t even know them.”

“Do they even know you?”

I sat down. “They did. I did.”

“Well you didn’t have a choice to tell me.” She scoffed.

“Yeah what were you doing spying on me that night?”

“Please, one minute I’m just changing and I notice you on the roof. When I saw you fall I seriously thought that was the last time I would see you, breathing. Do you think you would ever told me, or anybody?”

“Sounds weird. Telling people you have known your whole life that all of a sudden you can do things that are inhumanly possible. I don’t think I could tell anyone I know because once all of this started happening I changed. I’d like to think that I would have told the girl next door on my own, without her spying.” I laughed.

“Right.” She pushed me away. “You don’t have to lie on my account. I’m used to not being the first choice. My mom wanted my brother to move with us in the house, but he decided to stay with dad cause he got a jet ski. She didn’t get what she wanted and I’ve never gotten anything I wanted.”

“What do you want?”

“Someone who sees me and accepts me. A family that talks instead of drinks or shop. Guess I’m just like any whinny girl who wants attention.” She shook her head and tugged at the laces of her combat boots.

“Then I guess I’m a whinny girl to cause I want the same things.”

“You’re ridiculous.” She rolled her eyes.

“Can you accept that I don’t know who I am?”

“Only if you can do the same for me.” She replied. “I can also accept the fact that you can teleport, and that your strong, and you heal fast. Cause I would want you to accept me if I was in you shoes.”

“Since I met you, I haven’t remember what it felt like to live before you. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the night you moved in. Something within me the night I saw you triggered. I’ve just been caught up in this web called my life that tells me who I should be. I’m tired of listening to everyone else. There’s only one person I trust right now. You’re the only one who that makes me feel like everything will be no matter what happens.”

Leaning into her I brushed a strand of curly blonde hair with a streak of purple behind her ear. Holding her face in my hand our lips caressed each others and for one minute everything else fell away. Hungrily I reached for her as her arms clamped against my neck. She was sos beautiful and finally for once I didn’t feel guilty for thinking that.

“Wait.” She pulled away.

“I”m sorry.” I felt ridiculous for jumping at her. She must think of me as an impulsive jerk.

“No don’t be. Just look.” She grabbed the clicker and paused the display to a video camera that was peering through my dad’s office window.

Someone was going through my father’s office. Going through books and drawers this person was meticulous and put everything back carefully as if it hadn’t been touched.

“Is this live.”

“Yea.” She whispered.

My first instinct was to run over to this house and catch the black hooded person in my father’s office. However I didn’t know why this person was searching through his things and I was curious if they would find what they were looking for. After several minutes of the person going through every nook and cranny it gave up in defeat and turned toward the windows where the camera was angled.

I could see her face and I knew who she was. She walked straight through the wall as if it didn’t exist and landed a story down on the grass before she took off into the woods.


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