Death to Immortality

Growing up you become a witness to what is precious in life. When you are born and you learn to talk and take those first steps the last thing that could ever penetrate within the simplicity of those thoughts are that one day you may cease to exist.

When I was around 6 years old I came to the conclusion that one day people die and they never come back. I sat on the stairs for hours with this heavy cloud hovering over my little mind crying. Non-existence was my only thought. There was no woe for those who die of hunger, disease, heartache or any other feeling that plagues our minds as we age. My only sadness was for the fact that one day someone can be in my life and the next day never cease to exist.

We all suffer from trauma in our lives. Most of us from our childhood witnessed sickness that led to death, tragic accidents, or just that time for some. We weep and we go through tantrums. Then you get older and you continue to see how fragile your own life is. For a few decades most of us go through a bit of an immortality complex that for most starts to dial back as we age. You think you are on top of the world and that nothing bad can truly take you away from the moments you enjoy.

For most it’s about your mid 20’s that you start to realize how mortal you really are. How you can be living a safe life, doing all the right things for your body and health and yet that is not enough. You go for those yearly doctor visits and they point out that you have something that concerns them. However try not to worry about it, your young and its probably nothing. Young? Probably nothing? That’s when it hits you, they said still young, meaning you are turning old and all those things that people worry about when they reach a certain age are now the things you have to worry about.

Nothing is said to be certain but death and taxes. That’s the popular phrase. I’m not so certain about taxes for without politics this could cease to exist if the world went into chaos. However death is very certain. That is what makes life so powerful. The fact that one day you breathe in the cool air around you and the next the air eats at your nonexistence. Life is something to cherish  The next time you think about being careless with yourself physically or mentally think about whether it is worth it, if it is what you really want. More importantly if you truly love life and living it then get checked on because you never know if something inside can effect your outcome. You never know if that something being found could be the meaning of saved and too late.


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