I Am Anonymous, Part 2-6: Magic Tricks

I AM ANONYMOUS2Juice would have to be the least favorite drink I would want thrown at me. Especially fruit punch when wearing a white shirt. Sophia was a bit upset with me when she saw the “unspeakable” as she called it. Sitting at lunch I was just minding my own business playing paper football with Joey and out of nowhere she screech’s some obscenities and throws a drink in my face.

“What’s your problem!”

“Why don’t you ask your carpool buddy.”

It had been weeks since Skylar and I had made the deal for rides to and from school. I looked over at Joey knowing that he was my alibi so that Sophia wouldn’t freak out like this. “Sophia, it was just a ride.”

“Why with her? Why not with me?”

That was a good questions. Other than her abysmal pink toy car… Why didn’t I just want to drive with her? Watching her storm off didn’t make me mad or upset. Tom waved his hands at my face. His lips were moving but I wasn’t listening. I could hear the sound of a spray can being shook. When Tom realized my absence he stormed off. Following the sound of the spray can I found Skylar spray painting a column.

“What the,” She screamed turning around to find me. She looked relieved.

“Want to go out and get a bite to eat.”

She looked me up and down. “Better to go get food then food to come get us.” She snickered picking up her bag.

“So what got onto you?” She asked playing with her fries when we found a fast food joint to park at.

“Sophia and I are through.”

“I imagine it will take sometime for the divorce to finalize.” She sat up straight trying to hold back a smile.

“Can I tell you something.” I became more serious. I had other things to think about then a relationship that I had stopped caring about a long time ago.

“Is it something that you should be sharing with me in this outside area, or do you think we should take a walk in the garden?”

Paying attention to her hint I changed the topic to the boring life of my so-called awesome internship I had thought would be awesome. She talked about her drunk mothers appearance to dinner when one of her step-father’s business colleagues came over. One good thing about this weird day was that for the first time I didn’t feel guilty about being with Skylar. I felt relieved. LIke now I could be myself and it would be okay.

Her mother was home but sound asleep on the couch. Skylar grabbed a shirt from her step fathers closet and met me in the secret room behind the walls. This room was weird. It was like a modern-day bachelor look, a bar, a very expensive comfortable couch. There were no pictures, no magazines, nothing personal.

“Here.” Skylar threw me a light blue button up shirt.

Taking mine off my eyes met hers and she blushed immediately, turning around. “So what is it that you wanted to tell me?”

Buttoning up the shirt I grabbed her hand and led her over to the couch. “My dad’s new secretary has been involved in a lot of my bosses projects.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s the fact that she is doing it behind everyone’s back. She’s like this ninja who quietly walks about. Several times I’ve seen her in several offices going through their things.”

“So you think your dad’s secretary is up to no good. What is she going to do? Take over the corporation?” She replied sarcastically.

“I think she works for a trade company. Perhaps even a hired  agency that certain people may deploy. I think my dad’s company is at risk of an espionage.”

“This is so cool. What are we going to do next?”

I smiled liking the sound of that. “I need to get closer to her. See what she knows, without her knowing that I know.”

“Such a conundrum. Anything else unusual besides going through peoples stuff? I do that too when I’m bored.”

“I heard a conversation awhile ago. Ignored it cause I didn’t hear it the normal way.”

“You heard it with that super-hearing.”

“Yea.” I laughed. “That’s how I found you today. You know what else I can do?”

“See through walls?”

I stared at her blouse.

“Seriously.” She stood up putting her hands over her chest.

“No.” I laughed, feeling as if I couldn’t take a breath.

“What is it then?” She insisted rolling her eyes.

“Yesterday I went to grab a screw before it fell down the drain and my hand went through the sink.”

“I already know you can heal and that you are strong.” She sat down.

“Not that. My hand went through the sink. Like literally through the metal.”

“How? Did you break the sink?”

“No. I-” Standing up I walked over the wall. Stretching my hand into the wall it hit the concrete. Doing so repeatedly I got the same result?

“Are you trying to break the drywall?”

Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and pushed my hand forward again. This time I didn’t feel a resistance. Hearing Skylar gasping I opened my eyes. Half my arm was through the wall. Looking at her gaping mouth and wide eyes I smiled and stepped forward. Taking a few more steps I was in between the walls. I was about to walk into the library when I noticed something was off about the wall. There were wires everywhere. Stepping back into the secret room I knocked on the wall hearing a click. My eyes zoomed in using a microscopic view. I could see the precise incision of the drywall. I kept knocking, using different patterns, hearing the sounds of the clicks. Two knocks…pause…three knocks…pause…two knocks…click. The wall lifted up and a display of a large plasma tv came a few inches out. On the screen was 12 boxes featuring my home and several others in the neighborhood.

“Was the guy who lived here before me part of the neighborhood watch?” Skylar asked staring at the screens.


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