A Glimpse of Utopia

Paradise concept.

Do you ever feel discouraged in life? Like the weight of the world rest on your shoulders and everything around you seems unjust. For one moment you just wish that everyone understood how you felt and that everyone should be held to the same standard.

Imagine a future of the perfect society where everyone is content with the life that they are living.There is no hunger and no anger. Everyone is equal. In this place no one is left wanting.

In this perfect world everyone can be loved. A community can be formed and feelings can be tamed. For without feelings like rage, hostility, jealousy, and any other negative behavior that causes discomfort within a commune, can be controlled. In order for this amount of control for such strong emotions to be stopped we must end those that coexist from them; love, passion, pride… All this would be lost as well for they are the reason that such negativity is spawned from. For to control those emotions that whiplash against society we must take away their controlling source. So those things that make us feel will be disabled. We will become shells in order to help the world be a better place.

Within these barriers we will find a true justice that everyone deserves, things we have long forgotten. Generosity will become mandated. Everyone will live in a world where there is no property to own since it will reinvent the emotions associated with attachment that can cause coveting, anger, jealousy, resentment and many more emotions that must be tamed for peace amongst each other. Trust wi ll become one with us all. No one will be left to be dishonest for the anger inside us, the jealousy, the passion …there is nothing left to protect then the physical beings around us.

Intellect will prosper to an extent. We must all be able to acquire the same intelligence so that no one is ever inferior to another. The ignorance that we know now will cease to exist. For the ignorance created from this Utopia will be to deny us the emotions of what once made us laugh, made us sad. We will become ignorant of what was important to life.

Everyone has at one time wanted a perfect world. Free of discrimination, sexism, and crimes of lust. Utopia will provide safety. No hearts will be broken. No horrible memories that taint our soul will turn us against the world causing destruction. We will all love each other platonically and walk around mindlessly feeling in sync with one another. Deep down it was all we wanted. All we ever wanted. To feel loved by everyone around us, but that can only be done when we are unable to love several people more than others.

Lifestyles will become equated. There will no longer be a monetary value on food or entertainment  Everyone will be provided the same entertainment and the same food. No one will ever starve and go wanting. No one will ever have a difference in opinion for as generations live among Utopia they will become one with each other. The environment must be protected to be safer so now this world will sacrifice its technology and transportation unless it is used to protect the peace. People will be content to have social conversations about trivial things like weather because in order to prevent feelings of discontent. Therefore our education on history will be stripped away. Only the present will exist. The future has been made to never change because we have found the perfect way to coexist in peace.

Today in this day of life we feel as if we are entitled. Entitled to rights, money, to title, and more. So now the government agrees that we will create equality by breaking down the basic needs to each person and stripping them from the things that separate one from another so that there is no complaints to who is entitled to what.

One day far after Utopia exist and long forgotten about who we are today something will change. This perfect world will be judged by those who don’t concede. Renegades will remind us that our right to live is a hallucination. That we are enslaved in the ignorance of no longer having free choice. After many cover ups and deaths the people will finally listen. They will then pound the doors that were built to keep everyone trapped. Those doors that our current selves thought kept the temptations away that could destroy us and bring us to extinction.

These doors will tall and almost impossible to get over. There will be force used. Force that generations ago had known and knew what to do with. This generation has never known the cruelty in the world. Though they have never known any other life. They will realize that they want something worth dying for. Therefore many will die only to recreate the world we live in now. The one that stole so many hearts to temptations that were unjustified. The one that shows us why love and life is worth living for. Without the two nothing is complete and we will always stay stagnant. Never growing, never prospering, never living. Life is hard, love is harder. Trust and faith come with a bargain. People you love will leave, some will be taken away from you. Your heart will scream from pain and bleed from captivity. It will however grow stronger if you allow it. In the end if we give it our all  we will be glad in the end that we played the part of the heart. For this heart within our head has guided us down roads that make us who we are. If we don’t like it we can always follow the path of forgiveness and prosper in events that we latch onto that can bring us to a higher understanding. Ignorance is only what we choose not to learn. I choose to learn and not let a happy idea of Utopia choose for me.


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