I Am Anonymous, Part 2-5: Secret Passage

I AM ANONYMOUS2Skylar wasn’t around to give me a ride today. Luckily Joey was running late as usual. She was sitting down but she didn’t look at me. At lunch she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Going to work today was long as I wondered what Skylar could possibly be thinking. I was so worried about what she would do that I or what she thought that I wasn’t sure what I would do, or even what I thought about who…what I was. 

“Ouch.” A beaker broke in my hand slitting into my palm. The doctor and his assistants were in the lab, at least no one was around to take advantage of my humility. This would only be one more reason why I was unworthy to be here. The bosses son just gets everything; he can’t even clean a beaker without hurting himself. I bet if anyone else was in my place they would be able to get more action than the never-ending cleaning of beakers and tools.

Gritting my teeth I pulled out the shard of glass embedded in my hand. Tilting my hand at an angle so that the blood wouldn’t drip I held it over a faucet and unrolled some gauze.

The tapping of heels caused me to look up. My fathers secretary walked in. Though I wasn’t sure if she really was a secretary or an agent. “Let me help you.” She took the gauze and wrapped it around my hand. “I just came down here looking for Dr. Stinson.

“He’s involved in an experiment. Says he can’t be disturbed. Want to leave a message.”

She looked around. “Do you mind if I leave him a note in his office.” She finished wrapping and headed in before I could answer.

Cleaning up my mess before anyone else could look at my clumsiness I couldn’t help but peer through the blinds. She didn’t appear to be leaving a note, she was looking for something. Her head jolted up and she stared dead on at me. I looked down and by the time I looked up she was gone.

Father of course first noticed the cleanly pressed gauze upon my hand. He warned me not to be a bother to Dr. Stinson. By the time I got upstairs to take a shower unraveled the gauze. There was a little dried blood caked on but once I rinsed it off clean I had to check my hand more closely wondering where the gash was. It was nowhere. Things were getting weird. My skin appeared to be unharmed.

It was a long week. Ignoring half of Sophia’s calls was a job. Joey kept making cracks about how I was becoming a zombie but after a while he got fed up. Today he told me that I wasn’t a good friend. Perhaps. I had ignored both his and Sophia’s calls. During lunches I went to the computer labs and spent my time researching whatever was going on with me. That didn’t get me very far since people post anything they can think of on the internet. During my time at work I kept an eye on dad’s secretary. She appeared normal enough, then again that would be her job.

Joey was no longer giving me a ride to school as of today so I had to take a bus.

“Michael.” Skylar was standing outside. “Need a ride home?”

She had been ignoring me the whole time. “You’ve been out of it lately.” She stated.

“I didn’t know you cared.”

“I think we need to talk about… about what I saw. I’ve gone over and over it and the only conclusion is that I’m seeing things. Maybe there is something wrong with me.”

“Maybe your right. Maybe you were just seeing things.” I nodded.

She rolled her eyes. “Do you have work?”


“Can we talk at your place.”

“No.” Something told me that home wasn’t safe. That my words weren’t safe. Looking over at Skylar she looked upset.I wanted to brush one of her wavy blonde strands back behind her ear but instead I looked back at the road. “Let’s go to your place.”

She nodded her head. Not looking too happy about the request.

Her parents house was almost as big as mine. Filled with a lot of empty space and tall ceilings. My dad preferred a more classical look. This was a bit bright, gaudy. In the dinning room I noticed her mother, tall bleach blonde hair wearing a dress so tight I could see her rib cage. Skylar pulled my arm and I followed her into a large library. She closed the doors behind us.

“I’d prefer you not to meet my mom and her new catch. She’s a bit drunk, like all the time. She won’t come in here but just to be safe,” she waved me over and walked up the steps to the next story level of books that streamed endlessly around the walls.

“Your step-dad must be really into books.”

“Not really. He’s a collector. The books were already here, left by that old guys who owned the place. I think this collection just sealed the deal. Daddy Warbucks can’t pass up such a collection to own. I like to read though. And one day I was picking out this book.”

She held her hand on the binding of The Secret Garden. Then the wall jumped back. Slowly the door slid open and there were tunnels. “Rich people.” She laughed.

Following her through the hall the darkness did not hinder her. We reached a small circular room that was decorated simply with a comfortable couch and a small bar.

She took a seat on the couch patting it. “Now that I’ve shown you my secret place can we cut through the bullshit and you just tell me what the hell I saw.”

“I can’t permit to tell you what you saw.” I sat down. “I don’t even know what I’m seeing lately.”

“Are you an alien?”

“What!” I laughed. “I don’t think so, but I’m open to any other ideas.”


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