PUSH: Persist Until Something Happens

Persist Until Something Happens

Persist Until Something Happens

Do you ever have a day, or week, or month, or maybe year that offers no external positive outcomes to enlighten your life. I’m having one of those months, though I remind myself that this month is not over. Life can be…overwhelming, strangling, suffocating, stressful, and downright hard. However it is not life, it is us. We are the ones that choose to feel overwhelmed, choose to strangle ourselves with our compulsions, suffocate our thoughts with negative energy leaving us feeling tired and sad. Getting in a rut is hard and sometimes it feels like nothing will help. Perhaps sometimes that is true.

We don’t give ourselves credit enough. If you are anything like me you are constantly telling yourself, “Yea that’s great but it could be better.” If I’m the only one whoever feels like that then I suppose I have my own issues. However this blog is not about being better, it is about living with what you have brought to the table and PUSHING yourself to be successful. Successful doesn’t just mean you are rich or have completed particular goals or milestones. You are successful when you have given your best. When there was a line drawn out in the middle of the ground you told yourself that you were going to do everything you could to get close to it, perhaps even pass it. If you  failed to reach your goal that doesn’t mean you weren’t successful if you did everything you could.

So here I am PUSHING myself to succeed. Success is different for everyone. Success for me is being happy. Being happy for me is striving to accomplish my dreams no matter the odds, having good relationships, and knowing that I did my best. Let me define what being your best really is so there is no confusion. Being your best means that you were able to do everything in your power to reach your goals. That means you also reached out to other people and asked for help. If you don’t have the kahuna to ask for help then you are not being your best which certainly means you are not successful. Everyone needs help. Sometimes it’s not about acquiring the help of an expert in their field or someone you look up to for moral guidance, sometimes acquiring help is about brainstorming with any and everyone. You never know where motivations strikes, more importantly you never know what someone is hiding under their sleeve.

So this month is tough for me. Should I curl up in a ball and let the month beat me down till I’m coughing blood. That doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds like a great way to stunt my growth and loose what little time on earth we have. Instead I will PUSH. Persistence pays off in the end. Maybe my persistence this month won’t help but I know it will help each month going forward.

For my book series or my actual job I keep in mind and stay in touch with my individual goals so that I can try to reach that monthly goal. If I fail I just keep taking baby steps. Keeping detailed records of what you do daily is helpful. If you are having one of those days where you are not sure if you have done everything you can I recommend creating daily goals and writing them down. That way if you don’t succeed in your overall goal you can look back at that daily tracker and say to yourself, “I did the best I could, look at all that work I did.” After completing individual goals I make sure to stay in touch with everyone around me. I ask for opinions from the experts and I ask for opinions from amateurs who are still learning. Eventually someone has to give good advice.

Overall when dealing with stressful goals and dreams my biggest move is to PUSH myself by taking baby steps and staying in touch with my daily goals. Listening to everyone else is something that I manage to do everyday and I get better at it everyday. It is easy to tune out the noise when everyone talks but it is not easy to truly listen and comprehend what others are saying. Last but not least I do my best to focus on positive thinking which can be a struggle on those hard days. When it is hard to be happy because I’m not where I want to be I remind myself that this month will be over and months to years from now it will be a distant memory. So distant that I probably won’t recall that bad month again. Either way, if my efforts this month don’t work, I know they will help my long-term goals and that is what i like to call persist until something happens. Eventually something happens. If it doesn’t then perhaps you are practicing the method of insanity which means don’t keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Find something new to bring to the table to shake things up. Let your mind wander and listen to others so you can create something out of those bad days.


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