I Am Anonymous, Part 2-3: Keeping Secrets

I AM ANONYMOUS2“Class,” Mr. Starson spoke up in the midst of math class as he introduced my girl next door. “This is our new student…” He took a moment, looking at the letters on the crumpled paper that she handed him. “Skylar MacPhee.”

“Hi!” She waved to everyone.

“Please take a seat.” Mr. Starson motioned to the few empty desk.

Sophia, my girlfriend since I was ten years old, looked at me. She knew me too well. There was no way she would ignore the heat that painted my cheeks or the way I tried to not shift in my seat when I was nervous. One look at me, then back at Skylar, and she did the one thing I knew would happen next. Sophia liked to keep her enemies close to her and when ever a new girl was in town she was always the first aboard the welcome wagon.

“Skylar please sit over here.” Sophia stood up and welcomed her to the school.

Skylar looked at me briefly  and took her seat in front of Sophia. This was not going to be a good day. Minutes felt like hours as math dragged on. I kept my hands where I could see them. Worried that somehow I would melt something again. When the bell rang I just wanted to run for it. Either i had to act like I was meeting Skylar for the first time so that Sophia wouldn’t get jealous or I had to explain that Skylar was my new neighbor, she gave me a ride to school after she tried to run over me. That I wasn’t flirting with Skylar, I was just talking to her and I sort of enjoyed it. I shook my head. Wing it. That is what I would do. See where the chips fall.

Skylar turned back toward me. “I don’t think we were properly introduced. I’m Skylar.” She held her hand out to me as a gesture but I couldn’t seem to meet her there.

“That’s Michael.” Sophia sounded annoyed. “I’m Sophia, his girlfriend. Have you two met already?” Sophia took Skylar’s hand in a firm grip.

“We’re neighbors.” Skylar stated. “I saw him getting in the car with someone as I was leaving for school. Didn’t have the chance to introduce myself.”

“Oh.” Sophia warmed up and smiled. “What a beautiful home you moved into. You’ll have to tell me all about how you ended up in our town. How about lunch? We meet in the quad, center table by the fountain.” Sophia rambled on, taking Skylar’s arm in hers as we walked down the halls. I trailed behind still disbelieving that Skylar was covering for our first meet.

“Of course you guys do. Any chance you can point me towards the science building. Room 3009.”

After parting Sophia didn’t say anything after that. She never did. The next few weeks would be an awkward gathering of my two close friends. One beating up on her sadistically till she found the weak spot and the other goofing off, trying to hit on her. My concern seemed to be for both. By the time lunch came I didn’t have an appetite. Following Sophia down the cafeteria line she grabbed me an apple for me, a bottle of water, and told the cafeteria woman that I didn’t need a double scooping of fries like I requested. She made it a point that I stayed healthy for the lacrosse team. Paying for our lunches I had hoped that Skylar had decided it be best to stay away from the table.

She was already sitting at the table. Reading a book while chewing on a burger. The sun seemed to glow like a halo around her.

“On a diet?” She joked, looking at my plate.

“He has to watch his health if he wants to get a scholarship to Yale.” Sophia patted my shoulder like I was a prized object. “Where are you going to college?”

“Relax.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s our sophomore year. I prefer to focus on the now.”

Somewhere in the distance I could hear the whooshing of air passing, when I looked up a football was headed straight toward Skylar. My hand reached out and caught the ball an inch in front of her face. Her chest heaved in a few times and she lit up with laughter looking at me. Her laughter made me laugh and I stood up to throw the ball back. Sophia looked at me as if I was insane.

Perhaps I was. Insane was going behind your girlfriends back to get free rides to work from a girl she clearly loved to envy. Sophia had cheerleading practice so I knew that there would be no notice.

Headed to the parking lot I found Joey leaning all over Skylar, up against her car as I was walking out. He had managed to glue himself to her since he had sat down at the quad. Sophia offered a double date which Skylar had helplessly accepted as she stared at me.

“Hey Joey. I’m gonna be late for work like two minutes ago.” I pointed to my watch, patted Joey on the chest and jumped into the passenger seat.

“Your girlfriends really nice.” She said sarcastically as we drove out of the parking lot.

“She’s a lot of things.” I stated.

“She’s really pretty if you like the preppy type. Very clean-looking.” She laughed.

“Well in case you haven’t looked at my style one could say we were cut from the same cloth.”

“Somethings different about you. I haven’t put my finger on it yet but I will. Besides, I think she has bought your clothes for far too long.” She laughed.

“Maybe. We’ve been friends since kindergarten; her, Joey, and I. We’ve been there through each others worst. Joey’s parents divorce, Sophia’s father having an affair with her mother, still married though. We’ve all had our problems. You?”

” I’ve never stayed in one place long enough to have any close friends. Tried the pen pal thing several times but it isn’t the same. My mom has been married a lot. Stepfather 4 seems to be very promising with all his big presents, like this unwanted car.”

“What’s wrong with this car?” I asked. “I wish I had a car.”

“He bought it. He bought a family.” She shrugged and put the car in park. “See you tomorrow morning.”

Authors Note: Please excuse any editing mistakes. This is complete improv, typed up a few hours before to show you my skills in hopes that you are interested in purchasing my published novels. A well-thought out science fiction/ fantasy entitled, “The Project E.D.E.N. Series”. Coming out in 2013. Support my works and publishing ventures on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theProjectEDENseries


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