Motivation is Practice

You are the creator of your own destiny.


No one is born with motivation. Some are motivated by their family, their job, hobbies, or even within themselves. Others just go with the flow. Not everyone has it within them to self-motivate. The reason is usually lack of attitude to change their world. Being in retail sales I have learned that perception is everything. If I perceive myself to have a good day, even if things don’t go to plan, I am going to have a better day than if I went in thinking this day sucks and I just want to go home and curl up in a ball.

I hear the negativity in everyone’s voice, wherever I go, no matter what I’m doing. Internally I too am a negative person. However, the realization that negativity helps no one and doesn’t change things for the better has put a different spin on the way I exert my body language, tone of voice and use of words. Internal negativity can be good because it helps you theorize the results of what can or won’t happen when you are reaching for a solution to your problems. Positivity isn’t about being all sunshine and rainbows. It means that you are putting a spin on what you are given in life. You understand that the hand you were dealt with is not fair, but you also understand that life wasn’t created from equality. So instead of hiding in the shadows and griping about your misery’s you tell yourself that you deserve better.

Life is not about where we come from. It is about who we want to be. The past is a predecessor of what you are today, but one day your current present  that has overcome your challenges will be the new predecessor of your future self.

What brought the change of motivation for me? Years ago I woke up one day and said I don’t like my life. I’m not happy. I don’t like the relationships that were given to me and I don’t want to live till the day I die drowning in what I was given. Instead of focusing on the bad I don’t bother looking at the positives cause I demand them to be there. I willed them to be there. I focus on what I can change. Take my opportunities and strive for something better.

Motivation is the key to creating a healthier life or at least a lifestyle that you want. Motivation isn’t natural and for some it is harder than others. The key is practice. Everything in life is about practice. Those who don’t realize that are the ones who never finish the task at hand. You have to wake up and tell yourself that you are in the driver seat. There are somethings you can’t control. People will pull out in front of you, scream at you, and anything else they can come up with to get your attention. You don’t have control over those people but you do have control over your reaction and how you feel about it going forward.

Once you own up to what you can control you can figure out your motivation and find a way to use it in a way that will make life better, to you. I practice motivation every day. As a manager I watch the way I say things, and promote the bright side of everything so my employees understand that negativity is unhelpful and only brings everyone down. I use motivation for my hobby to write. Today I’m motivated to get my point across, to get heard, to find friends that I may never meet and somehow, for just a blog or more, relate to them.

Motivation is practice. It can’t be bought, or won, or even traded. It comes from within. It comes from that little voice in your head that says you deserve better. The more you listen to that the voice the louder it gets. Then motivation just comes naturally.


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