I Am Anonymous, Part 1-12: Guns to a Knife Fight

I AM ANONYMOUSMy hand saluted to the man who seemed to make my actions become a stance of attention. Somehow this man who I subconsciously held honor to also held me in the palm of his hand. Though my body showed precision in standing tall I knew that the look on my face was utter confusion. Glimpsing at Kevin’s lifeless body I wanted to pick apart this man and his entourage for abusing him. I didn’t understand why I was in this predicament, I had clearly drug him into this mess. Not knowing who to blame; myself or the General. Either way I would fix this.

“You never cease to amaze me.” The General spoke, stroking his almost non-existent mustache.

“You have me here. Let him go.”

“Oh do I?” He asked. “That is what I thought a long time ago but I have learned that you are unattainable without the right motivation.”

I backed up closer to Kevin as the man walked around me. Two agents walked in behind him armed with guns, cavlar  and helmets that appeared to be stronger than their counterparts before them.

“That little trick you did. Walking through the wall.” The general pointed to the wall I had walked through with a proud smile upon his face. “Dr. Halin informed me you were capable of such feats, that your hypnotism classes recalled such memories. Even the doctors who identified your mutated gene cells said that in theory it was possible. Yet not once,in all the skilled trainings you’ve been involved in, have you shown this talent. Is that what happened before?”

I stared at him in confusion. Somehow I felt close to him but I did not trust him.

“Still play to amnesia. You put on a really good play until….” He looked at me, waiting for a reaction. “Does the name Michael ring a bell?”

Silence. I wasn’t in the mood to guess.

“Perhaps this time amnesia is not just a ploy. It took awhile for my team to recognize who he was, to you that is. Did you forget about Michael that easy?”

He walked around eyeing me.

“Well, let me refresh your memory. With your specialized talents I picked you for the job at Techtonic Corporation to gather intel. You did more than that. You ran off with Michael, the CEO’s son who is next in line to be head of the corporation. Instead of coming to me you choose to run away and jump off the a cliff. I give you the star case,” he lowered his voice, “and you take off with the CEO’s son in the midst of the highest gathering of intel that we have ever received before. Your amnesia almost had us fooled if it hadn’t been for the fact that you recalled everything right when we showed you who we held captive. Michael is special too. So special that since you broke out of our operations we have yet to find him again. No worries though. That is why we have you, thanks to traffic cameras and pedestrians insights at a simpletons fair. I thought you were better than that Agent 98.”

I didn’t understand. Who was Michael? Why did I run with him?

“Do you still claim not to remember?”

He waited impatiently for no answer.

“Dr. Halin claims that your amnesia perhaps was preeminent but that you were recalling some things more than others. The doctor claims that any other head blows you have experienced while escaping this recent time from our care may have led to more confusion. Confusion or not I know you have the intel I want. Michael may be gone from my captivity but,” he picked up Kevin’s head by his hair. “This boy seems to also have a special claim for you. The only reason why I had him called in was only because he refused to give any information. However his passion for you was undeniable.”

I felt ready to pounce on him but with two guns aimed at me there was little I could do without a reaction that would end everything.

“The question is not how much this boy cares for you, but how much you care for him?” The General took out a blade from his leg strap. It was long, sharp, and everything that would put an end to Kevin in one final swoop. He lined it up at his neck.

“No–” I screamed holding out my hand, realizing one move would leave to a fatality I couldn’t recover from.

The General smiled still holding his blade. “I knew that you would make the right choice Agent 98. After all  there is a reason I came instead of sending in my Commanders. You and I understand each other. I’ll make you a deal since you are my favorite. You give me the information I want and Kevin will be put back safely where he came from.”

“In one piece.” I stated.

“Amnesia. If I didn’t know better I would think that your memory is just fine because clearly you know me all to well. I will be fair to you Agent 98 if you keep your promises. The only thing that will be missing from him is the memory of your existence.”

My stomach churned. Why did that sound just as bad as him not existing.

“I will tell you everything I know once you release him.” I stated without feeling, without confusion.

“I love your enthusiasm to make the right choices. Of course you know I would be remiss to let him go until I received the intel I wanted.”

Wether he believed me or not I couldn’t remember anything he wanted from me. He couldn’t know that. If he did he would demonstrate his power to ensure the accuracy of my statements.

“Do tell.” He waited holding onto the blade that would end Kevin’s life.

Authors Note: Please excuse any editing mistakes. This is complete improv, typed up a few hours before, to show you my skills in hopes that you are interested in purchasing my published novels. A well-thought out science fiction/ fantasy entitled “The Project E.D.E.N. Series”. Coming out in 2013. Support my works and publishing ventures on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theProjectEDENseries


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