I Am Anonymous, Part 1-11: A-Maze-ing


Tearing off the metal from a secret doorway in the ground I found stairs, a lot, going down several stories. I could see the floor below from the boxed maze of stairs that led to only one place. Clutching the gun in my hands I peered over the corners as I continued to walk down.

Finally reaching the base of the floor, the lights shut off. My eyes adjusted and I could see three men wearing the same black uniforms and vest as the previous ones. However these ones wore black helmets that shielded me from seeing their face. Unlike the last face I had seen, through his plastic shield, that begged me to spare his life for his family; when he originally never planned to do the same for me.

This choice they made was for the better. Now I could go after Kevin without fear that my weak heart would save someone only for them to take my life instead. I ducked down as one came to tackle me then shot another in the center of the helmet causing him to fall backward. He wasn’t getting up but the other two guys were armed and already firing. Flipping low to the ground several times till I landed against a wall that shielded me from their bullets. Everything here was steel, the bullets nose dived into the walls until they obliterated on impact.

Grabbing the fan blade I had stuck in my pocket I found the lining between the sheets of steel. Using the blade I pried it, only the blade broke. The gun was of no use to me. I had run out of bullets. Using the end I got into the gap I had created between the steel and concrete. When there was enough room I placed my hand underneath and pulled the material. Several more bullets fired, getting closer. They knew that I was out of ammo, I could hear them shifting their weight, getting closer to me.

Using it as a shield I ran out. Bullets bounded around. Ramming into both of them I realized that their helmets were keeping me from doing what I needed to do. Punching one hard enough through the helmet to knock him out and then I went on to the next. The other man aimed the gun at me. Holding still I waited for the right moment. Turning my shoulder 30 degrees the bullet missed only to mold into the wall. That could could have been me, I needed to be more careful.

As the mans finger began to touch the trigger I ran fast into him causing his shot to hit the ceiling and I backed him into the wall. His headed bounded back from the blow and he slouched to the ground as debris began to rain from the ceiling. Standing up I ran down the first hall I saw. It was a maze. There was no way for me to calculate the best route.

Jumping to the side as a laser moved down from the ceiling to the floor. A trigger of laser beams went off down the hallway. From diagonal,  horizontal  to motion they denied me an easy passage. I stood there and counted. Counted the seconds it took for the laser 300 feet from me took to move from one side to the other. Counted the moment when another in between two opposite diagonal lines took till it held place in mid-air.

Stepping back a few feet I ran toward them, catapulting my body. Angling my way between and sometimes beneath the lasers, shimmying over each beam and flipping over the last, I passed the first hurdle. Wanting to run but yet I didn’t, I knew that would be a mistake. These were challenges meant to test me. Coming to an end that led to two hallways. Gut instinct told me to take a left. It hadn’t been completely wrong so far.

Hearing a swishing sound I backed up to one of the walls and ducked. A long metal rod punctured into the wall. I rolled away as a dozen more came at the me. When they released and fed back in I waited. Then stuck my hand out only for them to fly out again. Motion sensor. I judged how high up they were and how low they went. It was impossible for me to crawl beneath or go above them. I was stuck. Perhaps this was the hallways way of guiding me somewhere else, or maybe it was keeping me away from the true entrance.

Perhaps I could run fast enough. As I started I could see the rods coming at me, getting closer. Then they disappeared and I was somehow on the other side. All in one piece. My skin tingled and I touched my arms to ensure I was in one piece. This could take forever. I couldn’t go through any more of these traps and hope that these people weren’t doing anything to Kevin. Feeling tired I leaned against the wall. There was a weird static noise vibrating on the other side.

Putting my hand up I could feel it.The wall was thick. My hand seemed to sink into it. My heart pounded, somehow a part of me was in the wall. Bringing my hand out I examined it, in one piece. Standing up I decided to continue to trust myself. Walking straight into the wall I felt that tingling feeling as I ended up on the other side. A small room with only one piece of furniture in the center. A chair, tied up to a pole, with Kevin slouching in it. His hands were tied against the ropes of the pole, his feet against the legs of the chair.

Running over to him I dropped to my knees, holding his swollen  beaten  face in my hands. Wiping the blood from the corner of his lips I was interrupted by the opening of a door.

“Sir.” I stood up and held my hand to my forehead. The General had entered.

Authors Note: Please excuse any editing mistakes. This is complete improv, typed up a few hours before, to show you my skills in hopes that you are interested in purchasing my published novels. A well-thought out science fiction/ fantasy entitled “The Project E.D.E.N. Series”. Coming out in 2013. Support my works and publishing ventures on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theProjectEDENseries


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