I Am Anonymous, Part 1-10: Demolish & Conquer


If there was one thing that my memories have shown me is that I didn’t go down without a fight. It was impossible to see at first from the explosion but my eyesight was different. In seconds I could see everything as clear as any other day. With my back against the wall I did a quick 180 degree view of my enemies. There were a total of 7 men. All wearing bullet proof vest and armed. The all had one thing in common: they were not ready, not for me. They were poised and ready to fire as they waited for a clear sight.

I wiped off the sweat and blood that was attempting to block my vision. Analyzing my options. There were not many. The best I could say was that my head, no longer in pain, was in the game. I shook my head; such a weird thing to think. Somehow I had access to knowledge I was yet understanding. I estimated that within 6 minutes the smoke would have cleared. Now was the time to react, then I could figure out where Kevin was being held.

I found a sharp metal piece a few feet from me that must have come from the exploded vehicle. Far away were two oil barrels. There were three men standing in proximity of the barrels. Guns held in place they awaited orders, I assumed, and a clear view. I hated myself for this. This wasn’t what I wanted to do but the memories that had come back said something else. I took the metal piece, bending it until it broke apart. Then I threw one at my target. Before the men had time to react to the noise of the metal being ruptured and oil spilling out I took the other piece and threw it upwards to break one of the telephone lines. The line fell down toward the oil as I predicted and the second explosion of the day consumed the three men leaving four standing on the other side.

As if they were robots they showed no reaction. No sympathy for the poor men I had just murdered. One of them motioned for the other three to split up.  I was running out of time so I ran for it. I rammed into one of the guys standing up, staring into the smoke. I punched through his plastic shield causing shards of the material to enter his skin. I grabbed his gun off his unconscious body and flipped behind another car. Surely they wouldn’t cause another explosion. It didn’t work out the first time for them.

I waited for them to come to me. A few fires were aimed at me when I peered over, merely a distraction. One of the men started to walk forward. The other two sat behind crates, they thought they had his back. As the man came closer I fired. One round straight into his head. I didn’t want it to be that way but his armor kept me from finding a more menial place to shoot. I told myself it was his choice not to stay alive. One of the back up men had taken a shot during that time. When it got closer, right to my face, everything seemed to slow down. I saw the bullet only it wasn’t coming after me anymore. Using my hands on the hood I jumped over the bullet, landing on top of the truck.

Flipping back upon the ground I ran. Their bullets started to come out, rushed. This caused their aim to lack but mine wasn’t. Seeing the bullets slowly as they came faster than they appeared I dipped, ducked, and swayed to avoid. I gritted my teeth as one braised my forearm. I used the barricade they stood behind as a wall. Allowing myself to walk up it, then do a forward handspring landing behind them. One of the men tried to fire his gun but I wasn’t worried. According to my count he was out of ammo. Putting my hands around the other mans gun I bent the metal closed causing the bullet to implode in the gun. This caused a jolt up his arm causing him to fall backwards, knocking himself out unconscious.

“Please spare me, I have a family.” The one and only man standing reached into his collar. I was quicker and grabbed him by the neck against the supplies he had hidden behind. “Please-”

I saw a chain fall against his chest with a small gold ornament. With my other hand I opened it up and saw a picture of a baby. I looked back at him wondering how many of these men were attached to someone else. Yet I couldn’t let him just walk away knowing what he was capable of. I contemplated closing my fingers tighter around his neck. His eyes closed and I let go as he slumped to the ground. Still alive, just out for a while. Long enough I assume to allow me the time to find Kevin.

Taking everything useable from them I strapped on one of the vest. Took one of their guns and raided them of ammo. There was only one entrance. Just a regular door like any house would have. I turned the knob finding it locked. Several bullets around  the dead bolts was enough to allow the door to cave in after a good kick.

Inside it was nothing more than a big office. Three desk in the corners, a couch against the other corner. A water cooler next to what appeared to be the bathroom. Where did everyone go? Opening the door to the bathroom I verified that there was nothing of interest. Out of frustration I began to trash the place. Throwing things off shelves, pushing the desks over. That’s when I found an anomaly on the carpet. It appeared to be uneven. My eyes could pick up the difference in detail of the fibers that rested against each other.

Clawing at the opening I found the crevices that existed between the carpet, and the floor boards. My fingers couldn’t get through the minute cracks. Searching for an object that could I found a fan tipped over. Breaking apart the frame I snapped off a blade. Something important to these people existed below this building. We had that in common.

Authors Note: Please excuse any editing mistakes. This is complete improv, typed up a few hours before, to show you my skills in hopes that you are interested in purchasing my published novels. A well-thought out science fiction/ fantasy entitled “The Project E.D.E.N. Series”. Coming out in 2013. Support my works and publishing ventures on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theProjectEDENseries


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