I Am Anonymous, Part 1-9: My Weakness

By the time I had found my way back to Kevin’s apartment. I noticed some things were out-of-place. Two black cars were sitting on top of the sidewalks outside the consignment shop. I dipped into an apartment building as someone was walking out of an automatic lock door. I slid into the elevator as the doors were closing but I wasn’t getting there fast enough, nor would it bring me to the roof. I backed into a corner of the elevator, taking two large steps leading to the third footstep against the wall. As I flipped I used my right leg to kick open the shaft.

Landing in a crouched position  I used my strength to jump up and grab the sides of the opening. Swinging myself, I flipped backwards on top of the elevator.I jumped off, grabbing onto an escape ladder that led me to the roof. I ran to the edge, jumping up on the ledge. My eyes adjusted immediately to the shop. I could see inside.

Cynthia was cleaning up behind one of the agents that was opening drawers, looking through papers and tossing them  as he continued along. Charles was sitting in a lazy boy with his arms crossed, muttering to himself. I looked up to the window I had jumped out of earlier. There I saw Kevin. My heart beat faster and I felt this odd notion to jump.

He stood against the wall of his bedroom watching as another agent was taking a knife to his mattress. There were two armed men wearing shaded helmets. They reminded me of the ones I had seen from my memories. The agent let go of the mattress, looking angry he threw Kevin’s books from the desk, ripping pages up. Kevin got heated. He went to charge at the guy but one of the armed men cuffed him. Kevin wouldn’t stand still, nothing a swift elbow punch to the jugular couldn’t handle, by the agent. They dragged him outside into one of the black cars. Cynthia and Charles were out on the sidewalk. I could hear them screaming at the armed men.

That didn’t stop them from driving off. I looked at his license plate and then jumped off the ledge and onto the roof. I ran, just as fast as the night before. Taking a large leap I made it over one building and then it just seemed too easy. I kept an eye on the car as I leaped from one roof to the next. Buildings were becoming sparse, up ahead was a large bridge over an ocean.

Jumping on top of the car seemed the like the best approach to my survival. It offered a break from a long fall. Rescuing Kevin would be the next obvious step. However, once I rescued Kevin…then what. He was in danger because of me. I became a part of his life, however short that part was. Whom ever was after me knew that this was a weak spot now. I had to see where they were taking him. I had to play their game in order to end it for good.

The bridge was far away. I was running out of track space. Taking a deep breath I knew I had to trust my instincts. I sped up. Going so fast that the traffic below me appeared to be at a stand still. I jumped. Not down, but out. My heart was dropping but I was sure I could make this. The arch of the bridge was large with may support. Reaching my hands out I grabbed on to one of the cables and felt my body flailing for a moment as I held still, trying to stay steady. Climbing up the cable I grabbed onto the metal support and flung myself on top.

I chased the car for nearly an hour. I had hopped onto the top of a large semi that was behind them. Until the car turned off another road and I had no choice but to drop and roll off the semi. The road burns upon my skin felt all too real but my adrenaline helped me gather myself and jump back up on my feet. The roads they took were very deserted so I stayed on foot far enough away to not be seen. They pulled up to a gate where they showed ids and were let in. Looking out at a tall cellular tower I climbed up it. Over the gates was a small base with several docks and a few faded large ships at harbor.

This wasn’t familiar.

Somehow I needed to come up with a plan to get Kevin out. Looking above toward the top of the tower I saw lots of wires. Some of these wires headed towards another tower inside the base. Perhaps not the quietest approach, but it was one approach none the less. Reaching the cables I pushed forward, letting go when I got inside. When I landed in my usual crouched position I immediately could hear the clicking of a gun behind me. Ducking down I stuck my foot out to swipe the guy on to the ground. Kicking him over I put my foot on top of his neck, grabbed his gun then used the handle to knock him out.

Another agent was running up. Rolling behind a Hummer as the firing of bullets came towards me I took shelter. Looking out to the side I took a couple of shots hearing the choking of another man as he fell to the ground. More shots came from different directions. A few hitting against the tank of the car. I ran and jumped as the explosion threw me into a concrete wall. My head ached, I could feel the warm blood dripping down my eye lid. There was so much smoke everywhere it was hard to make out where I needed to go. Hearing an ambush of feet against the ground I counted twenty men. Outnumbered would be an underestimation of what I could do. Feeling a smile spread across my face I stood in place for them to claim their “prize”.

Authors Note: Please excuse any editing mistakes. This is complete improv, typed up a few hours before, to show you my skills in hopes that you will be interested in purchasing my published novels. A well-thought out science fiction/ fantasy series entitled “The Project E.D.E.N. Series”. Coming out in 2013.


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