I Am Anonymous, Part 1-8: Information Overload

I stepped into the cool wind that pushed my hair back. This roof was only two stories, nothing like the ferris wheel. I looked at the black concrete then out to all the buildings to make sure I wasn’t being watched. My eyes seemed to zoom into every nook and cranny I was looking out toward. It was unnerving at first, to see such things with absolute detail so far away. I saw a few young girls walking away from a couple of guys who were waving them over. They laughed and gossiped. Through a window I saw a balding man who was dancing in his living room.

Here I was about to jump off a roof. I leaned over the ledge and when I looked it almost seemed a footstep away. That probably was the truth in a sense. Taking that step my body smoothly glided down to the ground and with little sound I landed on both feet crouched. I looked up to the window seeing the curtains flailing around from a harsher wind that lingered by.

Which way was the right way to go. I just turned to my right as I contemplated what I would do next. This place wasn’t safe from what I observed my first night. Not for anyone out there willing to reach out to me again. I stayed in the shadows, ducking into door stoops and alleys as I heard any sound of human activity. I kept regretting my decision. Kevin was probably debating on whether to call the cops or come after me, or perhaps just call it a loss. That disturbed me somehow. Would he find me…. Why did I want that to happen?

It was getting darker now and there were fewer people on the streets. When I heard a young women screaming I almost dismissed it thinking it was the wanting sound of my mind to find a distraction in my confusion. Then I heard it again. I ran, only when I ran it was faster than I had anticipated. I almost ran straight past the girl who was being beat up by  a group of several other people kicking and beating her.

Without thinking I ran in and broke one of the guys arms as I threw him at the other four. One of the girls saw my face and immediately ran out. Another boy started jabbering at me with inconsequential words, when he came at me I drop kicked him then somersaulted over his body jabbing my elbow into another guys throat up against the wall. I heard several more people fleeing but I could feel the presence of a being behind me. They weren’t hovering but I could hear everything more clearly down to the light breathing of the girl who had been on the floor.

“Stop!” She called out. “Don’t hurt him! He didn’t mean to! This isn’t any of your business.”

I held the boy several feet of the ground now in one hand. I looked at him wildly wanting to break him. Only when I looked at him I saw someone else, myself. I let the boy go and held my hands over my temples screaming out in my own pain. The boy held the girl up, they were together? I saw an interesting marking on both of their necks, almost like a branding of chaotic inked letters.

“Some initiation.” The boy joked kicking me in the stomach. When I grabbed him by the ankle he screamed until I let go then ran with the girl trailing behind.

“Agent 98! I command your attention. Our time is limited together. You are not the only person I speak with in a day.”

“Who are you?” I was in an office. A small trailer that had a desk, a small fridge and microwave, then this couch I sat in.

“You know this Agent 98. You can recall this on your own.”

“Dr.-Dr. Halin.”

“Very good. Can you tell me what you remember before your blackout.”

“I was on a mission for the General at Techtonic Corporation. I was with someone.”

“Who were you with Agent 98.”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember.”

“Agent 98, part of your practices is to recall against your memory. We have been working on this since you started the treatments. Black outs were expected, we just have to see what triggered it so we can find a way to move on from the present.”

“Theres nothing to remember.”

“There is nothing to remember or you don’t want to remember.” Dr. Halin was a tall thin women with glasses that she constantly pushed up the bridge of her nose. “Do you remember how I found you years ago?”

“Yes. You found me dying from an uncontrollable fever at the Brooklyn hospital.”

“No one else was there for you, were they?”

“No, my father and mother died in a car accident that I caused.”

“How did you cause it?”

I tore my eyes off of hers. Trying to cover the agony in the words I calmly stated. She had me recall this horrifying moment every time I crossed her. “I killed them when I transported myself out of the car and they had to swerve from hitting me. Their car hit an electrical pole that fell on top of them.” I bit my tongue. “The car caught on fire and I couldn’t get to them in time. I fell to the ground convulsing.”

“The FBI wanted to throw you in a laboratory. Your fever would have killed an ordinary human. Every time we poked at your skin you would heal without the need of antiseptics. Your vision was showing to see from feats of 100 feet away. Your ability to control an electrical machine around you made it impossible to use any electrical heart monitors before you fried them. You have shown that you are capable of so much yet you exhaust yourself before you reach your extent. Do you know why?”

“Because I am weak.”

“In a way. Your brain can only take so much pressure. You need to learn to breathe. To contemplate more before you proceed.”

I woke up with the rain pouring down on me. Perhaps this memory was coming back because I failing to contemplate my actions. Maybe I needed to rethink my options.

Authors Note: Please excuse any editing mistakes. This is complete improv typed up a few hours before to show you my skills in hopes that you will be interested to purchase my published novels that is a well-thought out series entitled “The Project E.D.E.N. Series” coming out in 2013.


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