I Am Anonymous, Part 1-7: The Assignment

Startled by a loud noise I was immediately back in contact with my surroundings. Kevin’s presence was causing me to forget the real issues. He knew everything I knew now. I wondered if that was for the best. Either way, giving him an explanation as to why I can survive a fall from a feat of such heights….he needed answers to keep him from asking others.

“It’s just a truck backfire.” He nodded out the window. “How about we both get some sleep.”

I nodded. Somehow, his presence that caused me to feel so weak only left me feeling the same but in a different way. It was more sorrowful. Trying to ignore the feeling of walking out into the living room I finally wrapped myself in the covers. Entangling it around my legs in hopes that it would keep my legs from moving before I could think things out. My senses seemed to have a different path that I didn’t always catch immediately. I understood the quick reflexes to what I perceived as danger, but I didn’t understand how I could get lost in his deep, dark brown eyes.

It was almost impossible to sleep. The numbers 98 kept coming into mind, I recalled it was what the doctor called me. Perhaps it was true that I didn’t have a name. Perhaps I was just another number. Tossing and turning at the worry that staying in the same place would only put me in harms way of those who may seek me out. My dreams began to work my memories back.

I was in a closed room. Sitting on a wired frame bed with straps falling to the floor. Wearing a small gown I shivered often but I didn’t bother to grab the sheets. Staring at a blank wall I could understand why I could go mad. My eyes shifted ever so slightly, almost unnoticeable as I stole quick glances to the small window on the door as I heard the sound of keys. One of the orderlies was walking by. Once the sound of his keys faded to the another opening of a creaking door I jumped on the bend and reached into the ceiling where I grabbed a notebook with a nub of a pencil and the watch. Then I recorded the time frame of the orderlies journey from one end of the hallway to the next. I turned to another page where there was a map of what looked like the entire building. This wasn’t just a drawing. It was a  clearly drawn up blue print showing windows, doors, extinguishers…. Everything had been documented. I wrote an approximation of the time on a line that indicated this hallway, stating the average rounds the employees made. There was a bunch of numbers everywhere. I recalled the sense of having a lack of time. It had been driving me crazy. I looked at the watch once more before I put it back up in the ceiling, admiring the ticking of it. It had been a long time since I had known the exact time. I sat back down and continued counting the seconds into minutes.

Things switched and I was somewhere else. I was wearing a dark green uniform. I looked to be a few years younger, standing in line with a dozen more people ranging from a few years younger than me to several years above.  A commander walked in demanding attention which we all hungrily gave. He looked at us all attentively before  leaning into my ear, informing me that the general needed my immediate attention.

“He’s ready for you.” The elder secretary stated.

I found myself sitting in the chair as the General was staring out his window.

“I have an assignment for you.”

Excitement played out within me, but this wasn’t my first assignment, this was THE assignment I had been waiting on.

“Your work is astonishing. Especially  in the Amazon and in Cuba. You proved that you can handle some of the most physical and corrupt places. I look forward to how you can prove your loyalty.”

“I’m ready sir.” I stated. “I know I’m younger than most who meet this phase but I’m-”

“Different.” He responded. “Dr. Halin agrees.”

“I’m no different than the rest of my brothers and sisters sir.” I stated, swallowing my pride. “I am thorough.”

“Yes. You could say that. This next assignment will be more of a test on your mind. It will take you to extremes at time.”

“I’m ready sir.”

“Understand that if any seal of confidentiality is broken, that the first method of execution available will be acted upon.”

“I understand sir.”

“With that being said, you will be shipping off to apply for the internship as the assistant for the CEO of Techtonic Incorporation. Your goal is to get the information we need from him. He has plans for a new type of technology toward the fueling of planes. His headquarters is in London. This technology is at its early stages. We know that if you can convince him that you’re trustworthy and useful he will share his secrets with you. I expect this one will take months, if not a year to gain his trust.”

I woke up staring at the clock. I tried to fall asleep but nothing came to fill the darkness. It was becoming night again. I liked the dark better. The day scared me. At least with the darkness it casted a shadow that masked me. I sat up, everything had a greenish tint but I could see it all. I knew this was different. This was something I had that others didn’t. Turning on the light my eyes adjusted. I was too different.

I could hear Kevin in the other room. I debated whether this was the best place, the window had access to the roof. It would be best, safer for him, if I had left. I wasn’t sure how I had ended up here but something told me that I had broken the Generals confidence.

Authors Note: Please excuse any editing mistakes. This is complete improv typed up a few hours before to show you my skills in hopes that you will be interested to purchase my published series that is a well-thought out series of novels entitled “The Project E.D.E.N. Series” coming out in 2013.


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