To have a great president in everyone’s mind is an impossibility  This post is not to suggest which side I am or if I even agree to any side. This post is to state the sorrowfulness of what genuine work was and is now. Society irritates me at times. We all, including myself, are self-involved neglecting the real issues at hand because we are driving ourselves crazy keeping up with menial jobs in life to be presentable.

Elections come and go. Every four years we are asked to make a choice and to seek the man that can change our destinies. It is a choice that some take lightly and others take seriously. I look at these candidates and compare them to those of the past. The ones I read about in history.

What happened to the men who first became heroes in our eyes before desk pushers. What happened to men who got in office and decided they weren’t going to lay down, they were going to take charge of America’s fate and change the way people saw our country. These men were phenomenal.

George Washington by all means can never disappoint the meaning of a governmental hero. One that fought in war, provided us with our constitutional rights, and was elected unanimously to be our first president. Abraham Lincoln is as big of a hero as it gets in my eyes of the government. He was passionate about freedom for every man. Even though he knew he would loose a majority of southern voters he stayed in as a candidate set against slavery and changed America for the better. John F. Kennedy was a connoisseur of speeches. He helped our country go through many crisis and brought the excitement of the moon up close to our world. Theodore Roosevelt solved many problems internationally, so much that he won a Noble Peace Prize. He was a man who had grown up like the average guy and fought for the laborers of the country.

Needless to say I can go on and on about many more amazing presidents but the problem will only tell you I have yet to name one in my lifetime.

Those men got there hands dirty with the issues. Now I see business professionals who have placed themselves strategically to stick out to the public during their elegant events and petty meetings. They say they are changing the world. I heard of men who changed the world, ones who made their space in history books. They didn’t do it with just words or opinions. They put themselves in the action and took a chance on what they believed in. When is the last time I saw a politician take a stance on their beliefs to the point it almost destroyed them.

I’ve only seen those kinds of feats for affairs of the heart and money. Social warfare rules our lives. We are blinded sometimes by the issues due to the category and position of a person. We are all busy people and we don’t have time to dig into the issues. Not when we know they are clouded by illusions. I hope that one day there will be a leader that will show my future children what presidents are made of. One that is a working citizen who has known hardship and still was able to overcome. More importantly one who doesn’t debate in a childish frenzy with intent to embarrass opposition. I hope  to one day see a leader who passionately argues about his beliefs. Perhaps there in lies the problem. I have yet to see a candidate in all my life that is passionate. I have only heard about them.

Don’t get me wrong. We have had some good presidents, some who have made decent changes. This post is not to tell you my opposition of either candidate or my thoughts of how good our current president is. It is just that I have never seen a president that was worthy to be a HEROIC tale in a history book. No presidents in my lifetime has shown me their drive, their motivation….their passion. It’s like any other occupation in the world. Few go above and beyond while a majority just meet standards. Once upon a time there were great men who made great change, now there are okay men making okay change.



  1. I can think of two things affecting this; less concentration of power, and absence of that old moral code – of wanting to do what you felt was great and good. Now even if you had that upright morality you couldn’t get much done because power is so caught up in checks and balances which happen to involve people who aren’t as upright as you. I guess decentralized power wouldn’t be a problem if everyone had a better moral compass but that’s hard to imagine.

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