So You Say You Care

This boy is all alone. You say you care but where are you when he needs you the most. So many times he is put in a closet of darkness tossed around from decisions that get the best of him. Are you there now that he can’t see you? Can you hear him?

His actions are calling out to you since he can’t make out the words. A torturous pain echoes in the recesses of his mind. He doesn’t know what to say. He can’t communicate his feelings in a way you understand.

You tell him you love him when it is convenient for you. Life moves on and sometimes you find the time to be with him when you can’t found something better for your idle hands to destroy. You tell him in a serpents whisper that you are meant to be forever and that nothing will change that. Yet the next day you are ready to look the other way. Instead of being there in his darkest moments you are to busy in another room doing things you know are not right.

He’s scared and alone but he won’t admit it. At the most you will see a grin for he bears his troubles in the depth of his soul. You say that is okay because you think he’s smiling and happy, forgetting that putting on a face is what people do around others. Not everyone is inclined to wear their heart on their sleeve. Not everyone wants to be asked if everything is okay. So he puts on a front and you accept it because ignorance is bliss.

Naively we all go with the flow acting as if no one else is feeling the torturous events they have to go through. People are strong on the outside but inside their minds melt and mix together as they bottle up till it all explodes. He’s locked away in the prison of his thoughts because he was taught to be happy, that everything in life is a show.

So you say you care and you need each other. Where are you? Where did you go? Oh, I’m sorry that I forgot in the fine print it read that you will only be there when it is convenient for you. I didn’t remember the clause that said his needs over-go yours. Didn’t realize that when he was free you could feed him with lies then lock him up and throw away the key so he can’t reach you.

Then I realize that when you say you care…you meant it about yourself.


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