I Am Anonymous, 1-5: Finding A Friend

I woke up in a panic, sweating. Startled by the knock of the door, I almost jumped out of bed.

“Decent?” He asked, as he walked through the door with his hand over his eyes. He stood there for a moment till he finally removed his hand. “Glad to see I didn’t startle you this morning. Are you hungry?”

I nodded eagerly leaving with him in the night.

“Wow.” He exclaimed after we had received our food. “You sure can put it away. Though I don’t know where it goes.”

I swallowed the last bite of my burger and started draining the soda.

“So,  you don’t talk much. I was thinking it would be nice to know your name…”

I nodded my head. I thought so too.

“You have a name right.” He flashed me a smile, my stomach felt weird, like I was sick. I wanted to say something, but I wasn’t sure what. A name seemed like such a common thing yet I couldn’t even recall an idea of it. I looked outside the window, lost.

“I hate referring to you as the girl.  So mind if I give you a nickname?”

I smiled, not quite understanding but I liked the idea of him talking about me.

“How about—Kara. Your sort of like Supergirl, with amazing strength.” He rolled his eyes. “I know, I’m such a nerd.”

He laughed which caused me to laugh. I think he was just as surprised as I was by the sound.

“You like Kara?”

“Kara.” I smiled, accepting it. Not sure what this Supergirl was but if Kevin liked her, I would accept her as a friend too. He sat back smiling at me for a while after that.

“So Kara, you’ve been cooped up in that small apartment for too many days. I know if I shut myself in for more than a day I start to feel like the world doesn’t exist. Gets pretty lonely being in your own head. How bout we go check out a carnival downtown.”

I was distracted when we got in by the loud music, people dressed in funny clothes and all the delicious smells wavering from various booths.  He bought me a big puffy pink thing on a stick he called cotton candy. I liked the way it melted in my mouth. I also liked how he spoke to me as if we were conversing, though I didn’t say anything at all.

He told me about his parents, he wasn’t on good terms with his father. Couldn’t live in the house anymore so he took the apartment above their business. He worked at a bar three times a week that he hated but needed the money.

“How about we take our luck at pitching. I bet I can win you one of those stuffed animals.”

I walked ahead of him eagerly staring at the bottles stacked up. After Kevin handed out some cash to a cooky thin man we were given three balls each. I watched as Kevin knocked out two of the bottles.

“Guess little league was a lifetime ago.” He joked and shrugged his shoulders. The man threw him a key chain with a teddy bear on it, which he handed to me.

I snapped it on to my shorts then took one of the balls. Before it released from my fingers I felt my eyes almost zooming in at the target. The focus made it easy to release the ball knocking down all the bottles.

“You won!” Kevin picked me up and swung me around.

For the first time I didn’t flinch from a touch, I put my arms around him. “I won!” I repeated smiling, receiving a Teddy bear 10 times the size. I gave it to Kevin which made him laugh.

Most of the rides were fast and spinning. He decided  on this tall circular contraption that held a lot of people suspended in the air. The ferris wheel.  The operator of the ride strapped us down using a metal bar. I didn’t like being contained, feeling myself hyperventilating. I could hear something, so minute, but I didn’t like the sound it made. It was like the screeching of gears against a foreign metal object.

I started to shake back and forth causing the angry owner of this beast to start complaining about us taking up everyone’s time. Kevin apologized and, putting his arm around me, helped me out. I wasn’t upset, I was just agitated. There was something going on that I couldn’t explain. Not to them, not to myself.

Kevin shook it all off saying the ride was not that much fun anyway. Hearing a loud metal crunching followed by a chorus of screams we turned around to see one of the buckets starting to hang from the frame. It wasn’t the one we had been in, it was 4 buckets above it. There were two kids clutching onto each other.

“My children, please someone help!” I could see their mother screaming out even louder from the gate to the ride.

I found myself diving into a crowd. The ferris wheel had stopped. Two guys in jumpsuits were looking at the mechanics. When I got closer I could see that a metal gear was bent, keeping the wheel from going.

I could hear a slow creaking from the seat that was coming loose. I knew it wouldn’t hold up long enough for them to get the ride working. I looked up at the distance and instinctively started grabbing at the rod poles climbing to the top. It was easy, and I felt completely in control. Reaching the kids I grabbed for the curly blonde headed girl with tears streaming from her baby blues. I wanted to take her older brother. His lip was trembling but he seemed to understand what I needed to do.

Quickly I climbed with one hand down the ferris wheel and the small girl in my arm. I saw the mother reaching out so I gently transferred her and then quickly ran up again. Just as I was getting closer I heard the screeching getting louder. I think everyone heard it. The seat dropped from one side and the boy screamed as he fell out.


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