I Am Anonymous, Part 1-4: My Escape

My eyes adjusted as my mind was forming a connection with my captor. I was choking Kevin. I was in his apartment. The apartment he had let me sleep in and eat in. I quickly got up and backed into the farthest wall. He staggered up rubbing his neck.

“I have to go to class. I was just going to tell you the shower is all yours.” He grabbed his bag and scooted out in a hurry.

I sat there for a while pitying myself. Thinking about my behavior. Wondering why it came so natural for me to attack. I heard someone coming up the stairs and I didn’t want to let anyone else down. Running into the bathroom I turned on the shower allowing the room to steam up.

My head started to hurt again. Sharp pains were searing through my brain. I tried to clutch on to the slippery tile walls but I couldn’t find a grip so instead I lay there convulsing. Memories were coming like a force against me. As if I was trying to push them away. I closed my eyes willing the blackness that normally came. Only I kept seeing pictures until it became a reality.

It felt like I was strapped down in the memory. The more I fought for freedom the tighter the straps felt against my wrist, ankles, and chest. I saw a man wearing a white coat and surgical mask with goggles. I felt helpless. I was screaming but no one was helping me. There were three other people in the room wearing the same attire but they weren’t doing anything. They just held notepads as they jotted things down. The doctor took a syringe and inserted it into my head. I felt tears coming down from my eyes but my throat was too sore to scream out.

All of a sudden I felt a surge of power overwhelm me. I had been fighting for some time to free my hands, the straps finally broke. The doctors came rushing at me. Putting their hands upon my shoulders, forcing me down. Another doctor with a syringe, only a clear liquid instead of white, was attempting to feed it through my IV. I forced my arms up breaking one of the doctors nose and with all my force I yanked my ankles free. I ripped out the IV. Kicked one doctor and then elbowed another in the lower jaw as I ripped off the three straps holding my body down.

I rolled off the table grabbing a scalpel. A few doctors came after me but I warded them off. Then someone grabbed me from behind. I kept trying to jump up. By the third attempt my head rammed into his chin. Then I landed my foot on his and lifted him up, swinging in a circle, causing his legs to hit the three doctors who were made their way to help him. He flew off me and I grabbed a surgical pan throwing it like a frisbee toward the hands of the officer who walked in with his gun aimed at me. The tray was so thin and moved with such force that it severed his hand off, causing his gun to trigger.  The doctor who first injected me was holding on to his knee, screaming in agony.

I was confused. I ran through a maze of hallways. My head ached in the memory as it did right now. The same searing pain. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then I realized it wasn’t my eyes. It was the lights. All the lights kept flickering on and off. The memories of the hallways kept flashing back to the bathroom that I was still laying in. Only the lights were flickering just as they had in the memory.

I heard the opening of the bathroom door and the rushing of footsteps as some grabbed on to me. I saw Cynthia’s face before I reacted and allowed her to move me.

“She’s bleeding. Oh- my gosh she’s bleeding.” She screamed.

An hour later I was cleaned up in a robe. My nose had stopped bleeding shortly after Cynthia was able to sit me up. She gave me some medicine for the headache. Then left me in a nice bed, tucking me under the comforter. Tired and confused I hardly moved a muscle during the entire transition. My mind was clouded from the images I had seen. I had no explanation as to where I had been, why I had been there, and what they were doing with me. I let the night devour my mind as I fell into a stupor.

I couldn’t escape. Dreams were haunting me. I was walking down that same hallway. I heard the buzzing of fluorescent lights as they willed themselves to stay on. Walking past each locked door the lights above them exploded leaving everything behind me in darkness. I kept running, hearing my breathing as if no other sound existed. I knew these halls, I understood them. Somehow my instincts knew exactly which way to go.

Finally I reached a large metal door with no knob. Just a panel on the side. An image flashed of someone holding their eye to the panel. A laser beam scanning them and the door slowly sliding open. Looking into the panel I waited as the laser scanned over my eye. Instead of the heavy doors opening a message in red flashed, ACCESS DENIED. I looked around in a panic. I had to get out. I couldn’t afford for anyone to hold me captive.

Punching the door in defeat I waited for the pain to linger against my skin. I saw a small dent form, no blood on my hands, not even a nick upon my skin. I stepped back several feet. Then without much thought or fear I attempted to ram in to the door, knocking it down. All that was left in the gaping hole was wires that sparked. A loud siren went off throughout the building. Emergency flashers were the only lights left in the vacant hall.

I smiled feeling the victory of defeat in my enemies who had me tied up like a wild animal. Proudly walking out the door in to the fresh night air I stopped short as I realized over a dozen armed men wearing cavlar vest entitled S.W.A.T. were strategically aligned against a large gate leading to my freedom. Black helmets restricted me from seeing those who held the weapons against me. Looking down at my chest wrapped in a hospital gown I saw a dozen red dots.


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