I Am Anonymous, Part 1-3: A Place to Sleep

The boy was standing there for a while, staring at  me. A door creaked open and I heard a loud gasp behind him. It was the kind old woman, Cynthia, with a towel in her hand. The boy immediately turned around covering his eyes as she rushed over to me covering me up.

“My aren’t you the modest type.” She whispered and guided me back to the bathroom. “How about you dry off dear and put on those clothes.”

“Stew.” I stated, struggling to get the word out. I knew these words yet my lips felt immovable, as if it had been awhile since they had been used to speak.

She looked at me, concerned. “I’ll get you some more.”

“Kevin, why aren’t you in school?” I heard her ask the boy.

“Class got cancelled. So is this what happens when I’m not home?”

“Strangest thing.” She tried her best to whisper. “Your father and I opened up the shop this morning. The front window was shattered and we found this girl, down there, half-naked, just sleeping on the floor. Poor thing was so scared. Did you hear anything last night?”

“Uh-no. I wasn’t home last night. I stayed at Davids. So-what are you going to do with her.”

“Well,” she paused. “Your father wants to call the police. He’s more upset about the broken window though Mr. McGregory offered to do the labor for free in exchange for that oak bookshelf I got a few weeks ago. She just looks so lost, poor thing has only said one word to me and that was for food. Your father would curse me for taking her home with us until we found out who she is…”

“I guess she can stay here.” He grumbled.

“Clearly she is very confused, I trust you will be a gentlemen!”

“Of course mom, just like you raised me.” He mumbled. “It’s not like I had anything better to do anyway.”

“Good. I’ll be right back.”

I started putting on the clothes she had given me. I felt like I was swimming in them. Walking out, I set my eyes on the couch and took my place. I heard a shifting in the other room, then the creaking of the floors.

“Hey.” The boy nodded my way.

I mirrored him, standing up and repeating him movements. Looking him up and down. He brought his hand out and I jumped back.

“Ok.” He dropped his hand. “Are you from here?”

I just looked at him. I wasn’t from anywhere as far as I knew.

Cynthia walked in with some more stew. She waited patiently as I scarfed it down then had me follow her downstairs. I spent most of the morning helping Cynthia clean up the glass as her husband put up a piece of wood to cover the wall. I ignored his grumbling rants. As she helped the few and far in-between customers I took the time to inventory each item in her store. Most of the stuff was boring but every once in a while I would find something that caught my eye. A few necklaces with sparking jewels, a video game, a rocking horse.

All the while she kept talking to me. Not asking questions or waiting for my response. She just talked. About the weather, the holidays that were coming up, and how she found the shop. The sky was turning black and she was turning off lights, locking doors. I stood there all the while watching as she counted her register, swept the floors, and cleared the counters. Everything was put back in its place, unlike me. I felt bad for coming in here last night, this wasn’t my place and I had ruined it for a day.

“Are you sure you will be fine with this?” She whispered to Kevin as if I wasn’t standing beside her.

“Yea mom, I got it. Watch her, make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.”

“How about food. What do you have to eat here?” She questioned him.

“I ordered a pizza.” He rolled his eyes then kissed her on the cheek. “Relax. We’ll go to bed early.”

“You a fan of basketball?” He asked me as he shut the door. “You really are quiet. Do me a favor and um- don’t get into trouble, ok.”

I just sat down and stared at the T.V. watching them run back and forth after a ball. The only time I broke my stare was at the sound of the door and the smell of pizza. He placed the box down and opened it up.

“I’ll grab us some aqua.”

I opened the pizza feeling my mouth water. It was cheesy with all these little things on top of it. I grabbed a piece and practically swallowed it all in a few bites then took another.

“Wow. Maybe I should have gotten another pizza.” He laughed as he placed a bottle of water near me.

As he was about to take a seat, the buzzard went off again. He groaned and opened the door. I peered around him to see a tall, tanned, girl with long brown hair.

“Hi Kevin, I wasn’t expecting you to leave so early this morning.” She responded to his welcome in a sultry tone.

“Yea well I think we said all we needed to say.”

“I said I was sorry. We’ve known each other since kindergarten Kevin. Can’t we just move on from this.” She pouted.

“I am moving on, from this.” He took her hands off him. “I’m done. I wish Nick and you the best.”

I unconsciously had walked over, peering around his frame.

She pushed him aside seeing me. “Who are you? Kevin, who is this?”

“Just do me a favor and go.”

“No, I’m not going anywhere till you explain who she is?”

“SHE is none of your business.” His voice raised.

Kevin didn’t say another word after that. He ate a few slices of pizza and stared at the television the rest of the night. He fell asleep on his side of the couch so I curled onto my side and welcomed the darkness.


I woke up out off blackness not knowing where I was. A warm hand against my arm had reached for me. With little thought I grabbed the arm, twisting it and flipping him on to the floor. I threw my body on top of his chest with my knee up to his throat, cutting off his will to breathe while holding both of his arms to the ground.

Writers Words: Hope you enjoyed the third episode of I Am Anonymous. This is an IMPROV unedited fictional miniseries completed just an hour before it is posted. Sorry for any minor grammatical mistakes but the point is to show you what I can do with an off-the wall story and no prep work.


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