I AM ANONYMOUS Part 1-2: Break-in

I was running, and I had no idea where. There were these loud noises and flashing blue and red lights. Everything was confusing, I just knew I had to get away from the noise. When the lights faded and the sounds dimmed I kept running, for a long time until my mouth felt dry and breathing became more difficult.

My eyes were sleepy and my breathing was becoming faint. Leaning upon a brick wall I saw a glint of light from the corner of my eye. Walking up to a large display I saw a girl. She was of medium height, strong lean build. She looked tired judging by the bags beneath her pale brown eyes. I brushed a strand of hair off my face and she brushed a strand of wavy auburn hair behind her ear. She glared at me and that made me upset. Then she touched the window, as I did, and I was embarrassed to show such fear by jumping back. I held my fist up as she did and I knew that I wasn’t going to be the one to get hit first.

The impact of the blow was unexpected. Large shards of the see through wall came tumbling down. I backed away, my fist had already been injured by the girl who had set me up. I looked around for her but she had disappeared quick.

I crawled into the hole in the wall wondering where she was hiding. The room was darker than the outside.  I kept bumping into object after object bruising my legs and stubbing my bare feet. My eyes began to adjust as I got away from the moonlight. I felt as if I could see everything. There were different pieces of furniture sprawled throughout the space adorned with knick knacks. Then I saw her. Straight ahead. I took each step carefully. She was stalking me as if I was her prey. Before she could come forth I rammed into her falling down with….

Where was she? I lifted myself back up and looked down at the girl. Only it wasn’t a girl. It was some sort of reflective material, now cracked, surrounded by a shiny metal. I tapped at the girl lightly. Monitoring her every movement, comparing it to mine. My hands fluttered to my face not believing what I was seeing. This was me. This is who I was.

I looked around, tired and confused. I saw a chair, it looked comfy. I wondered how I knew that. How did I know that chair was comfy when I couldn’t even understand the reflection I had casted in that object, in that mirror. On one hand I didn’t understand anything I was seeing, as if I was experiencing everything for the first time. Another part of me was recalling things. My head hurt. It felt like a piercing pain was throbbing through my brain and I fell to the floor clutching onto a rug. Words were rushing into my head. It was as if I hadn’t used much thought earlier and now that I was questioning the very existence of everything besides me, now it was like everything but me made since.

Then I passed out.

“What is she wearing?” An older womans voice spoke in the distance.

“Don’t touch her,” replied a grumpy old man. “She’s probably one of those run aways tired of living on the street. You might catch something.”

“Oh Charles,” the woman responded. “You’re so cynical. Not everyone is out to get us. She looks like she just needs a little food, poor scrawny thing.”

The voices were getting louder, clearer. They weren’t in my head were they? I opened my eyes to see a short man and women both with graying hair and large wrinkles upon their faces. The man looked stern, he frightened me. I sat up quickly and backed into a dresser that scraped against me.

“We should call the authority. She might of stole something? She already broke that damn window which is going to cost me a fortune.”

“It’s okay,” she spoke in such a soft voice I almost believed her. “We’re not going to call the police.” She responded, mainly to him.  “Grab the stew I put in the fridge yesterday and a glass of water.”

“But that’s my lunch!” The old man yelled as she rolled her eyes.

She seemed to be in charge. He walked right out only to appear  with a plastic container and a cup.

“Here.” He shoved it at me but I wouldn’t take it.

This man was clearly not happy with me. I worried what was in the container. When he noticed my lack of movement he just slid it over to me. I could smell something delicious so I dived into it.

“I told you she was hungry,” she said.

“If you feed it she will just come back for more.” He walked away, which made me satisfied.

“I’m Cynthia.”

She waited for a good while. I shoveled the last of the stew in my mouth.

“And you are?”

I just stared at her, what did she want from me.

“How about a shower. You look just wretched dear. In fact I think some little girl like you dropped off her unwanted clothes. Let me take a look here.” She bustled over to a rack of clothes. “I own a consignment shop with Charles. I’ve got a little bit of everything here. Oh this looks like it will fit you. Why don’t you come to the back, there is an apartment upstairs that my son rents but he is at school right now. College, just started a few weeks ago on a bachelors for biology. Says he wants to fix the world of all diseases. Maybe you can meet him later.”

She left me in the bathroom with the water running in a tiny shower. I took my time allowing the hot water to rinse so softly against my skin till it turned cold. Walking over to the mirror I wiped away the steam staring at myself blankly, still not recognizing a connection with this face. I was lost to myself.

Startled by the sound of footsteps in the other room I took a step out the door, curious about whether the older woman was appearing with more stew. She wasn’t there. Instead stood a boy a foot taller than me with a muscular build. His jaw was dropped down as he stared at my naked body. I stepped closer to him staring at his face trying to understand what he was baffled by.

Writers Words: Hope you enjoyed the second episode of I Am Anonymous. This is an unedited fictional miniseries that is complete improv to give you a taste of my writing style as to what I can do with no planning. Stay tuned to find out what happens next, anything is possible.


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