Dear World: The Start

Today I decided I needed to do something more in my life. Though that is a common recurring thought that repeats in my mind on a constant basis. Almost everyday I type in my journal. Of course it is mostly me venting so therefore nothing I would like to permanently share with the internet. However there are plenty of things that are worth sharing for those willing to read. I went and spoke to some publishing professionals. They started out with the usual numbing spiel that everyone who has stepped a foot in the door of publishing gets. That writing a book worth money is ONE in a BILLION. That I will most likely waste more money then make it. I don’t care. My story is worth sharing and if all I end up with is a copy of my book in hardcover it will feel like a win.

So in other words I understand the venture I am setting forth in. I’m not an idiot. Writing a great book is one thing but getting it known is another story. It is a mixture of luck and timing. Not sure if I have either. One thing I do have is an insane imagination mixed with an unrelenting determination. I think it is a good mixture. Wether my book makes me rich or keeps me pulling my hair out at my current retail job I will venture forth.

You see, a few years ago I had a spark of creation. My idle hands became a flash of typing. I fell in love with the way the strokes of the keys glided against my fingers. Now with 80 wpm I find it easy to type up a storm of ideas. So my book is amazing. Of course I say it is. It’s my book. I promise you though, that when it comes out you will be surprised. I aim to twist your imagination and make your breathing stop as you turn each page waiting for the next hit I slap you with. Haha, but don’t take my word for it. In time, hopefully not too much time, I will be letting all of you guys know when it is out. For now I’m going to do something else while I wait for the lengthy publishing process and finish up on the second book of the series.

I want to prove to the world that my books are worth buying and devouring. Before I do that I need to build a solid reputation. Every week I bore myself thinking of a topic that will entertain everyone so that they will follow me and keep up. I find it annoying to think of these topics. How are they really helpful any way. No one is really seeing what my imagination is capable of.

So today I am bringing out two new categories on my blog. This being the first post in the DIARY category. Every once in a while I figured I could share my thoughts and feelings about my life. The second category is the proof of who I am and what I can do, it is going to be titled I AM ANONYMOUS. This is going to be an unedited fictional mini series. I have no idea what is in store for it. All I know is that it will be a bout a 16 year old girl with no memory and some crazy abilities. She will be seeking answers, answers that I have yet to figure out. Each week, once or twice, I will write-up a post from her perspective as she figures out who she is.

I hope that you all will find her incredibly enthralling. I want to show you a side of me that few people have yet to see. A deep dark area that screams for attention. HAHA goog luck. Please post comments below my stories in I AM ANONYMOUS. Perhaps I will feed off of your input and incorporate it into this series.


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