Research Your Life

I’m not the kind of girl to live in the present. In my mind I lived in the present a long time ago, back when I was considering what the future of this moment would entail. So right now, during my present time I am thinking two days in advance of how this blog will be posted. I am thinking about a year down the road in terms of where I want to be in life and what my current hobbies may entail far far away.

There is one successful attribute that everyone needs to succeed if you too are a future dweller. That is research. It is important to everything. Long ago in the time of high school, or college for some, we have been given research assignments. I remember in my younger days I couldn’t care about doing research. It was tedious. Now I am a research guru. I started working in a highly competitive sales industry while majoring in psychology. Research became my life.

There are so many useful things to research. What you want to do with your life leads to realizing what each opportunity in life will bring you. Sometimes research is even more basic. Researching a product can be important to your life because it can save you money by getting the best deal or ensure that you are getting a product that will last a while and not cause you to buy something like it again for a long time.

I came up with this topic when I was doing my own research.  I am writing the second book of my series and I had to take a break. I couldn’t just write something down without knowing the impact of what my words would bring. By doing some research on topics not only did I clarify a plot line but I also found out some really great ideas that I am going to utilize in the following books. Research is making my book better because I am learning about obstacles I would have never thought could be in my way.

Research also has helped me in my corporate career. I am currently doing a different kind of research. Instead of utilizing the web I have to take a different approach. The old school approach. I am reaching out to people, setting up interviews, and I am talking to them. It is the first kind of research ever invented. Because of these wonderful people donating time for me I am able to learn about different positions and see which part of the puzzle I will best fit.

The world is full of possibilities. You just have to research which has the best outcome for you. Good luck!


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