Idle Hands

You have to make a few important choices in your life among the millions of small ones. Every choice you make, no matter how minor, makes an impact and puts you in your place. One of those choices is what are you going to do with your life that makes a difference to you. Will you waste it away going with the flow of what the world provides you. Or, could you possibly find something worth while that reminds you why you want to live.

I was a pretty busy person throughout the course of my life. Sure there was lots of time to relax, but I had to keep my hands busy. When I was young it was filled with school and after school programs. When I got of age it was school and work which led on; till college crept by and left. I found that I too had nothing but idle hands after college so I had to find a passion. If you don’t get your hands full with a career you love or a family you want to raise then you end up with idle hands. 

You get into a routine when you don’t have a passion for anything. Life flies by day after day. Though I didn’t like going to class I missed the idea of it. The idea that I was at least doing something important in life. When I graduated that feeling was gone. It was like now I have to find a career that is going to make me feel full in life since I don’t want to have a family yet. However nothing seemed to fill my hands. Nothing I could think of.

My idle hands kept fiddling with the computer. My favorite device invented. Then my mind became idle and I started being inventive. Having idle hands can lead you to one of two things in my opinion. Either they drive you insane till you find what you love, or you get stuck doing something you hate. So here I am typing my idle fingers away. Writing is the only hing that keeps my idle hands at bay. It is the one thing that makes me feel like there is a purpose.

If you feel like there is no direction in your life try to look past it. For not everyone is fortunate to figure things out early in life. Others have to keep searching. But passion and drive is there if you want it and are keeping your mind open. Being an inventor of stories gives me purpose, whether people see them or not. I wouldn’t have found that interest if I didn’t push myself to try to accomplish something. Like writing a book when most people believe you can’t. Pushing yourself to go through with something surprises you. Perhaps the end result of what you carry out will make the ride worthwhile.


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