My Rainbow of Gasoline

Memories seep into your mind like a dirty little secret simply by the sense of smell. For you maybe it is the smell of your mom cooking an apple pie. For me, it is gasoline.

I was listening to the song Gasoline Rainbows by Amy Kuney. Beautiful song about the destruction of the world under a rose-colored view of our lifestyle. It made me think about the basics of the words this time. The word specifically, gasoline. They say that your other senses are powerful enough to awaken memories and in my world that is so true. The sense of smell is outstanding. Once in awhile when filling up my car I get a whiff of gasoline and I welcome it; with the afterthought of lets not get high here. LMAO.

This smell is powerful to me in many ways, and it is not for the smell but what it reminds me of. As a child, living in Connecticut, almost every weekend my poppy would pick us up for boating. That was a HUGE part of my childhood. Filled with memories of the vast ocean, dare-devil Sea-doos, and picnicking on the beach. Before these trips there was one necessary object needed to make everything an experience. The gas station. I would sit in the back of my grandfathers enormous Chevy truck as he pumped the Sea-Doo and boats full of that overpowering smell of gasoline. The smell is not something that you can just take lightly, it is strong and when it gets on you or your clothes it smells like it will stay there forever. Often I would watch the ground as the sun hit the run-off fuel. I liked the reflections that it casted. Who needs a rainbow in the sky when I had a gasoline rainbow below my feet.

So every time I get a whiff of that gasoline I’m taken back to when I was six and under. Excited to see my poppy and grandmother. Trying to help with food, really being more of a small nuisance, and then running around waiting for everyone else to catch up with me so we could have fun in the sun. These memories are powerful now more than ever. They are a reminder for how I want to raise my future children. They help me recall a better and easier time in life when nothing was expected of me. Most importantly they remind me of the most important people whoever held a place in life. So that even when they are not around or long gone I have a moment that I can recall and enjoy. A memory just for me and those who experience the ride by my side!

My point is that memories are captivated not just by a single thought or a picture. They remind us that they exist by smells and sounds. Even though the past is in the past and you need to let some of it go to move on, you can always count on the fact that somethings are meant to be treasured and devoured. Somethings aren’t there to torture our minds, somethings are meant to be cherished and reinforce us that life isn’t always the way we see it now. It’s about what could be and what you will make it be. Create a memory for yourself and your children and family. So that one day when they smell gasoline, whatever your pleasure, they will be reminded that they were loved.


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