Reality Retail Wake-up

There are a lot of demanding jobs out there that sacrifice your time, health, relationships and sanity. I have had the pleasure of spending the last 11 years of my life in retail. First at a grocery store where I started at 15, eager to make money and get out of the house. My current job for the last six years is retail sales. I have enjoyed this job very much. My company offers a lot of amazing perks that no one else can touch. I have met some great people. More importantly, I have grown and learned a lot about myself and this thing called life.

I find myself bored though. I have continuously moved up in this company and I’ve been asked to take the next step up but I find myself saying no. No because I know that it means I will just get comfortable and stay in this retail job way longer than I should. Retail is for a lot of people, it was for me, but not anymore. I have reached a plateau for learning. Though I do learn something new every day, being that we are a technology company that is always evolving, it is not enough. I know everything like the back of my hand and that bores me. I realize that my higher-ups are correct, that I’m overqualified for my current position and that I can shine when taking over my own store. Do I agree? Of course I do, but the stress level that comes with that promotion is phenomenal. Perhaps not to everyone. For not everyone is a perfectionist that can’t think about their own life until they have tied up any loose ends with their environment. As a store manager, there are never-ending loose ends especially when a quota is involved.

So I came to this realization that it was time to move on once again for the hundredth time. I told myself that once I graduated I would find a job better suited to what I WANT, not need. However I found myself nervous to change careers when I had built such a great reputation with my current company. Not to mention the fact that I’m not worried about lay offs or the economy making my current career a time waster. So due to fear and comfortably I have maintained my career. Now I realize that there is more to retail then what you see. Once you get in retail you have a chance to prove to everyone that not only are you great at your current job but you have the ability to do other jobs, like in corporate. So I could look for a job outside of my great company but ultimately the grass is greener on the other side.

Today I embark on a different outlook. I demand a change in my life. I am very excited to also say that several people in various departments and above me agree. The great thing about being good at your job and making connections is that people want to help you out. I look forward to meeting with various people. And hopefully in the near future I will find a different job within my company that offers what I want. A nice Monday to Friday job, guaranteed hours that lead to getting off at a decent time. Most importantly I am looking forward to a more professional side of the business.

It is easy to stay in retail. The expectations in most places are low, the qualifications are minimal. Though hours are bizarre and sporadic you get used to it and become comfortable. However, is it what you want? If you are anything like me and are tired of the random sleep and eating schedules, then it is time for a change. Don’t sell yourself short.


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