She sits there on her pedestal as she brushes her hair. Vanity is her most valued trait, or so she thinks. Boys look at her and it makes her feel good, like for the first time she is special. She pours one drink down after another to drown out the holes in her heart from the things a girl should normally feel, love. No one was there to teach her about respect for herself and others. Her role model was  an alcoholic who once looked and acted just like her. That long-lost mother has buried herself from what a child should know and has become a vindictive friend instead. Together they lie for each other and bury what matters among their deceit, that is all they know.

The girl in the mirror thought why not drink and use drugs, everyone else around me does? She wants nice things but has holes in her pockets. Working seems too hard, how does anyone do it? She assumes it would be easier to take base jobs and rely on the comfort of a stranger provided he takes care of her and her many mistakes. She thinks she loves another, he is as absent as her father and as estranged as her mother. Their version of love is chaotic fighting that leads to sirens. After each fight there is more stress and more lies. She beats everyone down around her to show she is not nothing though secretly she wonders who she is.

Charity is what she has become, which she allows and rejoices when it is to her will. She uses people like drugs. For one like her needs help but does not know how to respect those who give it. No thanks is needed for somehow others have pleaded to her will because she created a token of life connected to them. Don’t get me wrong, people have tried to make amends, tried to reason, but how can you when no one taught her? Apparently old dogs aren’t the only ones who can’t learn tricks. You have to be willing to recognize your problems and then have the strength to change. No one can do that for her, not even the reflection in the mirror.

The girl has a best friend but no mother. She has an absent father instead of a role model. Yet she still is in charge of making the right choices. Party after party, frivolous night upon all others…then there is another child. So now the wicked rollercoaster picks up again. Instead of parents she has friends. The only problem is that friends only know how to support what you have already created, they don’t know how to nurture a person into who they should be, and would excel to be.


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