Sometimes You Just Don’t Have Control

I’ve always known that there are certain things in life that are just to big for one person to handle. We are all connected in some way and rely on each other as a whole to get on in this world. Even as little as being a retail representative who sells a product to assist someone by being the end result on getting things to those who need and/or want it. Without all the people in the right places things just fall. So today is no different than any other day when I realize that my control is limited, as to how i can effect the outcome of my circumstances. Sometimes there are just stopping points in life that you can’t avoid. Events happen that can’t be avoided.

Control. It is something I long for in everything I do. I actually find myself often trying to take my hands of the reigns of my projects. I worry about becoming a control freak that will drive everyone away by my insane work work work attitude. So often I do my best to give people space. I try to forget about deadlines and give those around me the time they need to get things done on their schedule for I know that means they will give me the best of their work. Control must be weighed carefully and not cause stress to others or in the end no one wins.

Beyond wanting control sometimes you just have none and have to go with the flow. The question is how you will deal with certain circumstances and ultimately overcome them. So I can choose to sit here and wallow about my issues but that only relieves a small amount of stress and I still have my problem. Perhaps it is too early to know what to do with the obstacles you face. Maybe things need to be weighed and deeply considered before one can venture forth. So today I am telling myself move on sad girl and get with the program. People told you that your book was one in a million and would be lucky to be noticed for a second. They say you need to quit your frivolous dream and think about your career. They have the audacity to say that my dreams are meaningless. However if it weren’t for the dreamers we wouldn’t have technology, art, or even a history to remember.

I will stay strong for my project. Be gracious to those who help me along the way and afford whatever time they can omit from their own life. Consult professionally with those in my project and appreciate anything that they contribute. Focus on my writing in my second book, for when the first book hits the floor I know people will be salivating for a second. Most importantly I will believe in myself and my projects willingness to surprise and inspire those around me. Eventually things will get done and in time I will find a way. Good luck world. Dreams are only a reality away.


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