Why Conform?

We don’t ask why enough. As children we are constantly asking WHY. Why is the sky blue? Why is he taller than the other guy? Why do I have to go to bed right now?… The list goes on. Somewhere between then and now we stop asking this question as much. Instead we just follow through and accept things the way they are. There are very few people that I know in life who demand answers before they proceed with anything. There are even fewer people who take it upon themselves to do their own research.

Are we worried that by asking someone a question or having a reasonable discussion we will hinder ourselves? Absolutely not. If someone is not willing to give you an answer it is because they have something to hide or they don’t respect you enough to go into detail.

Throughout history we see this issue time and time again. WWII comes to mind. Everyone assumes that because a government system is running the show that we should just shut up and go along with it. People take sides with the majority because they want to follow. One would assume that by following the masses they must be correct, right? Absolutely NOT! When we assume that things are supposed to be the way they are, in the end, we find ourselves on the short-end of the stick.

Communication is the biggest discrepancy among human beings that are given the talent to make more of it then any other mammal on earth. We have a large vocabulary and instead of using it to assist and solve solutions it is used to taint scenarios and create manipulation in order to convince the masses the the higher-ups have it going on.

What the hell is my point? I’m just tired of conformity. I see it every day. People buy certain phones because there friends told them to without any input as to why that product is good for them. People will wait in a line because they see one formed instead of looking around and realizing they can be assisted quicker if they work with a representative who is waiting to assist someone but is not being as vocal about it.

There are those few people in life who stop for a moment and ask WHY. Not only do they ask themselves and others that question but they take action when they realize the answers are insignificant to what could be.

I thought about this blog when I was thinking about what my life is like and what I would like it to be. I come from a family who works there rear off to provide a nice home and be able to afford certain luxuries in life. I am just like them right now. Working and stressing myself out at a company that is great; but in reality at a job that I don’t want to be in for the rest of my life. I thought to myself, if not this job then what else? Then I realized I didn’t have to conform to the normal life of society. In the end getting a well-paid job that gives me a lot of stress was not making me happy. In my opinion happiness is more important then money, provided I am making enough to afford the lifestyle that would make me happy. So why conform and work in a job you will never feel any happiness in for the rest of your life. Don’t quit your day job just yet. Find what makes you passionate, determine if you can make a living at it and start. Who cares if society says that job is out of the norm and will not get you anywhere. They are probably jealous and too frightened to do something that not many people are doing. If you find that you can’t make money out of it at least now you found a hobby that gives you enjoyment and a little bit of you time. For me is writing but maybe yours is sports, dance, art, music, or perhaps you love management. Just stop talking about it while you are at a job you loathe and start finding what makes you different from everyone else.

I was listening to a song today, The Show by Lenka. In my perspective it sounds like everyone is doing the same thing and she is to scared to deviate. The following lyrics really point out the ridiculousness of the rat race we run in, because the normal life is not always the right life for everyone. The question is whether you consider yourself to be like everyone or if you think you are unique enough to take a different approach in life. In your opinion, do you conform to the normal standard of living before exploring other options that would suit your talents? In the end not everyone can leave the normal lifestyle but if you can, why not? Remember that dreams are only a reality away.

The people follow the signs and synchronize in time, It’s a joke nobody knows, they’ve got a ticket to the show
-Lenka, The Show


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