Everything we do in life is more complex then we would have imagined it to be. You apply for a job where you think it is about one thing. Once you’re trained you realize you are learning a dozen things never would have thought of. It is important to learn many skills in life. Not always for the job you have but for the job you want and more importantly to be involved within decisions being made around you. As I have pursued my book series I am stumbling upon things I never would have thought to do. I’ve been learning how to make my self more involved in social networking, how websites are created, and how the overall publishing business works.

Social networking is inevitable. I have to sell myself to sell my book; though I think my book is way more interesting than me, regardless of the fact that I wrote it. Website design and the publishing industry are huge to me but may not be for others. I think it is important to know all aspects of your business and even though other people may be in the driver’s seat you might feel left behind. I’ve talked about social networking before. It is what I am doing now. As an entrepreneur in any business this skill is important. Back in the day you used to know how to talk to people in person, now you need to know how to reach as many people as possible without physically meeting. So I have created a Facebook page for my book in order to generate buzz and start a fan base. I have also created a twitter account @B_Mauritz for my persona. Then to take it a step farther you have your blog’s and vlog’s. I love the blogs. You can choose to write in different ways which overall will enhance your writing skills; weather for grammar or content. One day I can write something creative, another day I can offer advice. The topic is up to you. Either way create a schedule and stick to it.  Vlogging is just like WOW! I do it on YouTube through my computers camera. It is awkward for me. I prefer writing because I can hide behind this wall and be whoever I want to be. Vlogging is usually the opposite. It is a moment to share your thoughts and to entertain. I’m still working on that aspect but overall I have had a successful start on maintaining a consistent amount of viewers.

The best advice ever given to me even when I was a simple retail associate was, “Own your business”. Whatever business that may be it is important to know how to get it to where you want it to be and most importantly how to maintain your status and enable it to grow! Sure I can rely on my publisher but what if I can think of an idea that they would have never thought before because now I am knowledgeable about the subject. Also it is just important to understand and have the right expectations. If things are running slower than originally scheduled, a person with no knowledge would be upset. Since I am knowledgeable and have been given the expectations of the industry I am able to understand and assess the situation.

Last but not least I am finding myself learning what I can grasp on Photoshop and web design. Of course I will be getting someone else to do the real art work and web design. I am not going to become a pro overnight and lets face it, this stuff is complex. It takes countless hours upon days upon months to become even intermediate. The purpose is not to do these things for myself. Instead it is to become knowledgeable so that I can provide input on….guess what…my business.

No matter what you do in life nothing ever is what you think it will be. The point is to change along with the profession you have chosen. Success is not done by what you know. Success is driven by what you want to know and the willingness to achieve your goals.

Dreams are only a reality away.

My imagination of my characters irises thanks to photoshop (this is what a beginner can do by using google):

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