Everyday we are making impressions on others…good or bad. Either way, how we see things is all based on perception of the event or person at hand. It is up to us to decide how we want to alter our perception for a more livable life. I was driving home from work one day and realized that maybe I was having a bad day because I allowed myself to think that way. Some things are inevitable to fix and yes sometimes you just need to have a bad attitude and marinate in the moment.

I started thinking about how I used to be one of the biggest pessimist I have ever known, and that is still evident at times. Growing up I was one of those shy kids who would rather play with her own imagination then with anyone else. I was and still am at times a big introvert. I actually find myself forcing my behaviors to change, to be come more outgoing. I’m still working on that, after all, Rome wasn’t build in a day. I had a lot of good reasons for being pessimistic. For one I couldn’t make a single important decision for myself without first adhering to my parents or teachers. My choices didn’t quite feel like my own. Then there was the usual how to feel about school sort of thing. I found it best to go in thinking I wouldn’t do good at something so that I wouldn’t be more upset when I got the news. If I did good then I was in a way better mood!

As I got into the workforce and moved out I started to realize my perception of everything. Life is what you make of it. I became more optimistic when I was no longer being told what to do by parents, teachers, and friends that I stuck with just because we were in classes together. I was able to make decisions on my own and choose to hang out with whomever I wanted when I wanted. I realized that optimism wasn’t so bad.

However I don’t think that one needs to pick either or as their main stigma. It is best to keep them balanced. I try my best not to let perception of situations and people get the best of me. Afterall I don’t know what is going on in that head of theirs. Maybe they had a bad day for rightful reasons and I’m just there to absorb the blow of it all when they crumble. So if I keep that in mind, that everything is not about me, it makes it easier to see the positives in life.

The metaphor the glass is half full or empty has got nothing on me. For I prefer to see it as it is. To not stew in the situation but instead think about what else could of caused all of this and how things just happen, and we can’t always help. It is what it is. Somethings can’t be changed but you can choose to think about them however you please, which will effect the rest of your time and a lot of people around you. We are not robots so we can’t always control how we feel but in the end we have to remember that how we feel about something is reflecting on our attitudes to others, wether they deserve it or not. The glass may be neither half full or empty, perhaps it is just a half a cup of water.

VLOG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri7S0Nambq0


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