The Dark Knight Rises When All Others Fail

Heroes are a one of kind and in this day of age, in reality, we do not see the masked vigilante there to save the day from destruction. People die everyday from unjust causes and sometimes there is no one there to hear them scream. This is why I am so thankful to live in America. We have so many people who want to be helpful whether we see it or not. They are the mask-less heroes in our lives wearing the uniform of  an officer, fireman, doctor, nurse, parent, or anyone else who has put a smile on your face when we thought we had lost all hope. Heroes are every where we look, it is rare that they have a uniform or costume when they affect our lives.

Being a hero is no easy task. Some are born with the ability and others learn it or fall to the waste-side. Batman is the ultimate icon for showing that anyone can step into the heroes place and make a difference. The mask he wears is not to save the loved ones he has already lost, with the exception of dear Alfred and one his gals. In real life we witness the heartaches every day that take on the average soul of our peers. Many people, like Bruce Wayne’s character, have lost a parent or both to horrible accidents of life. Not many of us however stand up after we have been knocked over and choose to fight not just for ourselves but those who can not speak for themselves. His mask nonetheless is a symbol that though you may not see his face that doesn’t mean it is not the guy next to you giving up a few pennies to buy your lunch, offering you a token for the subway so you wont be late for your appointment, opening the door for you, or even just walking by.

This is the hero that defines what people should be. We all have heartaches in our own ways. To measure one upon the others is not a fair practice. For the past may make the man but the future is all ours to take. The thing I love about this magnificent hero is that he is not only physically strong, but in a corrupt world he has overcome the odds and become a JUST man who does not judge but empowers others. We should all be so lucky to have a heart as strong as his to sacrifice the will of our own for everyone else.

As I’ve stated, Batman does what most can’t. He picks himself up when he has hardly the traction to get a hold on the ground. He forces himself against the strongest and the ruthless with his amazing devices and vehicles but more importantly that will power we all need to make our dreams come true and to keep those in need before ourselves. The majority of us can’t sacrifice everything else the way Batman does but we can take from him that we need to give more of our time away to take care of others.

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