That’s Just What I Do

Letting other people think for me is not an option for I am a realist. A person who sees things as they are. I don’t like categories because I find them to be a vast pool of thinking that doesn’t allow people to make clear choices, but instead pick whether they like something based on a few checks in the box. I can’t stand settling for less when things can be better. It is not in my nature to join in the fun with everyone else when I don’t see an outcome with a better solution.

This is a realization I have had in the past year. I started thinking about all the categories that we are given in life to be accepted in society. These are things I just can not commit to because I do not see a worth in them, for the whole. I enjoy the simple way of learning opposing views and taking everything into consideration to decide which one would be given the right outcome in our particular environment. However I don’t always have time to consider everything. All we do every day is pick categories, we don’t seem to go for specifics anymore. It’s because we are too busy. There are too many choices to make in life and not all of them are important.

Being a realist for me is enjoyable because in the end it means if I can’t make a decision because my voice won’t be heard then I just don’t make one at all. Sometimes I realize that none of my decisions will make a difference or offer a better outcome and I just decide not to be apart of it. I have more important things to think about that will make a difference. What is that? Well, I think it is an obvious answer….I focus on what I am good at, what I know, and where I want to go with it. I focus on being a honest person with good intent and go for my passion of writing despite the odds while I maintain a job that is more acceptable to society.

Overall being a realist has shown that you don’t have to get stressed about things that are inevitable or unchangeable. So while everyone is going one way and are being ordered to do something they don’t want to do I am going to sit in the back and say it is what it is. Then focus on my own life and allow other things to be a contribution to this world. You have to find what you can be in more control of to truly appreciate what differences you can make.

So I will continue to be the literal person I am because I enjoy being honest and holding integrity with everything I do. I won’t allow people to change me into something that will hold me back. I will look at this world and say yea I can’t change much but what I can I will make a difference. I challenge you to do the same. Figure out what you are good at, what you want to do with this life, and if it is realistic. Because at the end of the day if it isn’t something you can change you will exhaust yourself trying and will regret not finding what else is worth your while. Don’t let other people make you something into what you are not.


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