Since we learned about love we’ve been told it is from the heart. Yet as I have learned throughout the years it is the brain that makes all the choices and causes this sensation called love. So I wonder to myself why on earth we are so mixed up on which organism controls what. The most confusing inquiry that I recently pondered on was why do people say listen to your heart, not your head ,or vice versa depending on their argument.

The brain is an amazing thing. The way it processes thoughts, memories, and actions. I feel like we give hardly any credit. Of course the heart is important. Without it we wouldn’t be able to circulate that lovely red stuff that we thrive to survive on. It does have a beautiful melody that presents the signs of life. However the brain is so much more. This amazing mind is what supports my every word I am typing.

Both are astounding organisms that are both important to living but they are not both important to loving. So I think back to why we equate the heart as all signs to love. The heart makes that beautiful melody every time we are nervous about the one we love. Or perhaps it beats faster when we are content with who we are with. The heart alerts us of the first signs of love. It usually speaks to us in some way before our thoughts exist. Sometimes even before we can admit it to ourselves.

Another apparent reason why we have conjured the heart for love is the way it feels when you lose it. If I can recall correctly, to fall out of love or loose it, is like your entire reason for living has been yanked out of your chest leaving you breathless as this intense aching penetrates the cavity of this thing called a heart.

Another reason could be the fact that our brain controls everything without letting us know. We do not think about the synapses that spark and the way the organisms talk to each other in their own code. Blood travels through are veins all due to the hearts will power to keep beating.  With that being said it reminds me of being in love for the first time and feeling as if my blood was boiling under my skin by just the thought of being with that person. I think that the heart makes each moment seem more precious, surreal, and intense.

On another thought….where do we get off with the version of a heart for Valentines day. I mean of course we don’t want to see the actual heart on a card, it is actually quite gross. Oh I just looked it up online….one theory is from a religious standpoint of Jesus appearing with what they called the sacred heart. So there you have it someone long ago envisions the heart in a particular way and now we have a symbol. Please comment if you have heard of any other theories for the Valentine’s heart shape.


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