Writing a book, let alone a novel of 400 pages, sounds tedious. Really it’s not if you have the right mindset, cause ultimately perception changes your opinions and the way you experience life. When I started writing my book I did not see it as a book for quite a while. It was more like a story that was entertaining and kept my mind busy and distracted. My days seem much longer if I am not allowed to drift into my fantasy world.

Before I knew it I had work that had to be divided into chapters…before I knew that events were just building upon each other…I created lives and places which led to choices that my characters had to partake in. It began to feel more like my characters were making the story instead of me…I was just the vessel.

Now I am on my second book and it is a completely different feeling because I know it is a book this time. When I tell friends and family about my creation and the details associated with my story they look at me with a face that says….WTF. Everyone always says I can’t believe you wrote a full book or how can you remember all the details. On a funnier note I am commonly asked what drugs I am taking and how in the hell I have such an imagination. To the first statement of writing a full book and remember details the answer is simple. It’s my story. I’m passionate about it and love my creations so those details are more memorable to me than memories of my life as a child. Just like when a person is passionate about book series, movies, or other things they can tell you when you are lying about things that happened, cause they fell in love with that work. In regards to drugs I only just laugh at them for thinking that a normal mind can’t come up with such stories. As far as the imagination…anyone can have it if they allow themselves to dream and open up to possibilities instead of conforming to our daily lives.

In other words, writing a full book isn’t hard with the right mindset. Biggest thing is being persistent and to not let every day stress make you think that you can’t finish that book. Just like every other project out there in life the best thing to do is not to think too much about the overall project. That is tiring! Instead, after you got your main idea that everything revolves around, think about the parts of the story. Parts that make it memorable. Like when your character first found his true love, or a fire that destroyed their house and everything important to them….

If you focus on the details and not the overall story you will find that the parts equal the whole in the end. I think that when too many people focus on getting a book out consumers find that the whole doesn’t always equal the parts. You can make a big long story but if there are pieces missing then that whole doesn’t feel significant. So everyday with my story I don’t think about w

hat my characters need to be in the end while I am writing. I think about moments that will make them the person I want them to be. Those moments are the most important because, like life, it is the moments that you remember no matter how dark the whole story or life of it happened.

In case you didn’t understand my point: K.I.S.S.

Stop focusing on live and focus on living in the moment. Cause in the end we may celebrate life but it was only parts of it that were significant enough to  create our memories and opinions. Focus on the parts so you can breathe and enjoy your writing, or living, or anything that is such a big project. In the end you will step back and say “I can’t believe I just did that!”.


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