Ranting on the Holidays

Days like today, when I am working on 4th of July, make me realize that our priorities are below standards. In America most of us are driven by consumerism so when ever we celebrate the holidays most of them are known for spending lots of money; especially Christmas and Black Friday that follows Thanksgiving.

Part of my bitterness is that I work in retail. This means, like today, I work holidays. During big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving I get the day off but I still work before or after or every day around it. When you are in retail your job is priority number one and your family right down to last. It’s sad. The problem is that our holidays cause people to want to shop. Either they need gifts for the holiday, or they don’t plan ahead and buy their groceries another day cause they know the store is open, or because they know the shops are open and they figure there is no traffic so let’s go spend money.

Another part of my bitterness is that I have experienced another culture in Montepulciano, Italy. Spending 5 weeks there was an eye opener on a different way to live. In America we are always GO-GO-GO as if there is no tomorrow. Because of that the benefits are increased technology within our homes and we can attain more of what we want, instead of what we need.  In Italy all holidays are celebrated with families. Shops are closed. I think their biggest advantage is that they already appreciate family time every day. They take over 2 hour siesta’s in the middle of the afternoon. I prefer to live like this if I didn’t have an hour drive to work…otherwise I would be chilling at the mall devoting myself to consumerism and seeing how much of a deal I can get on anything I “want”.

Priorities in life are just so messed up. When we die it is not the objects that we will miss, it is the people. Yet we don’t realize that to the end.

I am not blaming the individual people on the BS that is our holidays and family time. I am calling out Corporate America who deemed a long time ago that this is how people will work and this is a lifestyle that will affect their family. Most of us were born into this culture and it will never end unless the world does and all that is left is people living on the trash of what was left behind.

Life is short, so my suggestion is get out of retail unless you just don’t care about family. Find a job that offers you the day to spend with your family because those are the people who are left in the end, not your job. Don’t let life use and abuse you. I hate to be a hypocrite and say things like this when I do work in retail however I hope that eventually I will find a way out. Eventually I will be able to celebrate life and not restrictions forced upon me by people who could care less to know me.

Please follow this linke to my youtube VLOG and subscribe to my channel. Todays video is in-depth on my rant of holidays, you can hear more about my bitterness towards them:


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