Excited About Being Edited

The Project E.D.E.N. series book 1 has been done for a while. I finished the rough draft then polished over it leading to a first draft. I did everything I could on my own with this large manuscript. The more I tried to read it the more nitpicky I got with my words or sometimes I would find myself reading for enjoyment and then I’m like wait….did I read over any grammar errors.

Nitpicking my words reminds me of the cooking challenge shows I watch. They always say that when someone has too much time after finishing their food they then over prepare the plate. So the chef fills up each minute by over compensating the food with too much garnish which in the long run hinders their dish more than if they were running behind on time and barely had time to plate it. That is how I feel about re-reading my book. I get so nitpicky with each sentence, with each word, that I worry I am removing things that make it great. So after the first draft I decided it was time for another pair of eyes.

During that time I met my possible publisher Armaud @C_O_Double_P. He then got me in the hands of my editor Andrew @thomasson_engl.

Some people may compare editing to being audited but I completely disagree. First off, it’s so exciting to have someone not just edit my book but want to edit my book because they share the same passion and are intrigued by my story. Second, my first book is being edited! Never would have thought that would have happened a year ago. Never thought I would’ve wrote a book several years ago.

Based on my two reasons I went in to editing with the mindset that my book is going to be hacked into pieces. Cause a lot of blogs say that when the editors get their hands on it they want to make all these changes. I assumed that no matter what words I carefully chose to express my characters it wouldn’t come across the way I intended. Perhaps my work that is amazing in my eyes actually is an epic failure in others.

The first time Andrew read over my book in just a few days and I got so much positive feedback. To me it was the most important feedback I had received thus far. Everyone else who had read the book was family, friends, or people who read little due to their hectic life schedules. When Armaud first read it he was a complete stranger; so I was really psyched that someone found it that great and they wanted to help make my DREAMS come true. Things really started rolling on the publishing side when I first got the feedback from Andrew. Things suddenly felt real and like I could actually get my book out there and hopefully inspire others during and after the process.

When I get each chapter back I’m excited. We are getting one step closer to publishing and my book is becoming better. It is not hacked into like I thought it would be. Instead a few things change here and there, questions are asked to make sure he understands my intentions (since this is  a series we wont see the revealing of the characters true intent till other books), and I may be told to elaborate more in a certain direction. Its fun and challenging. In the midst of working my crappy retail job I find my favorite days are when my editor tells me he has updated one of the chapters.

We have a really great relationship. If you are currently seeking editorial help my suggestions are that you go for people who are interested in your genre and then get to know a bit about them. If you have a book series I would imagine you would like to make things as simple as possible, so make sure you have the right editor from the beginning. Don’t let just anybody hack away at hours-days-months-years of your work.


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