Things They Should Teach in School

There are so many things that I call life lessons because no one taught me. Perhaps my parents were supposed to or perhaps no one taught them and it has been a vicious cycle since then. Since we are all required by the government to go to school I don’t see why these so-called life lessons couldn’t actually have been taught in school. We spend so much time learning things that we forget that we never actually learn anything of value.

So while we learn history, math, english, sports, and other random required classes…. everything else in the real world gets pushed to the side. So here is a list of things that should be taught.

  • Finances: 401k, bank accounts, the right way to use credit cards before going into debt by age 25, financing a house (re-financing)….
  • Lawn Care: How to mow a yard, types of plants and how to care for them, how to get rid of weeds and pesty bugs like mosquitos.
  • Home Care: Cleaning with different types of liquids, how to do laundry, how to fix dry wall, how to paint, how to hang things, how to fix a toilet, how to fix a garbage disposal….
  • Fixing cars (jumping a battery, replacing lights, replacing a flat…)
  • Foreign language
  • Raising a child (nough said)

So the school may think that we need to learn intellectually. I believe that everything above is important. Because when someone doesn’t know how to do the above they are not allways perceived as an educated person, unless they are rich enough to have everyone else do the above for them.

Finances is a big miss. Obviously we all know our economy is suffering (houses foreclosing, people out of jobs). This could be prevented for future generations. If we had people educated in finances to inform students how they should spend money, the ways to save to become rich by retirement, and knowing how to spend within your limits…then we would be in a much better place. In other words, teach the individual how their economy works and in turn it will better the world’s economy.

Lawn care, home care, and fixing up cars are another big miss. Parents don’t seem to delegate house care responsibilities across the board so you will have a lot of young adults feeling hopeless. Ruining hard-earned objects or just letting things go to waste because they don’t know better. It would also be nice as a woman to know how to fix a tire when it happens in the middle of nowhere. Yes there is auto shop, but it is not required. As a girl I felt a strong stigma attached to it that the class was for boys so being shy I decided it wasn’t for me. If that’s the case for most girls then there is a problem and a reason for us feeling helpless.

Foreign language…. The rest of the world seems to be onboard. Most people talk english perfectly as well as 1 to 6 other languages. Those people will and are taking jobs away from us only english speaking citizens. This should be required from day one of school just like english is. We are a country built on immigrants so it is sad to see that we are such snobs and see no importance in learning other languages. Learning a second language as an adult feels impossible. Psychology and scientifically they have found that our corpus callosum gives trouble in regards to equating language differences easily and causes hesitation in translating. As a child it is the opportune moment to learn because nothing inhibits them from translating since the corpus callosum is still changing.

Last but no least is raising a child. When I was in school sex ed was a joke. Might as well of not taught it. So if that is a joke than schools telling us the proper ways to care for a kid are horrendous. We look down at young mothers because they have no child care skills. Clearly their parents have failed so why doesn’t the government decided to help train students so that when they have kids they can save money on welfare and other programs that help unfit parents.

All I’m saying is that not all parents are trained to teach these skills and perhaps the same for their parents before them. The government should be more proactive with the above issues instead of their usual reactive measures. If the government prides themselves on taking care of the weak and training the young then they should have more real life skills that would assist for the individual as well as society. I hope that since I have been out of school some things have changed; but I am sure that it is not up to par. Unfortunate, and we wonder why?

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