Finding Inspiration in Falling Skies

Inspiration is always around the corner. Today is living proof for me. I was watching the beginning of season 2 Falling Skies and something sparked. I had that sense of ingenious mixed with clarity and surprise. I think it is funny how you can think all day long then something just causes your imagination to go insane.

I was watching the heroes defending what is left of their “civilization” from the Skitters (beta aliens) and the bipedal robots. I started thinking about season 1, before we saw the alpha aliens who control everything. Before they were uncovered one of the characters had mentioned how weird it was that the Skitter aliens would make robots that didn’t look like themselves. It is weird because currently humans who have created robots generally design them in our own likeness. Once that character said those lines immediately it was planted in your head that the Skitters were not calling the shots. However, before that it hadn’t crossed, I assume, anyone’s mind. Perception. We see things that concurrently happen over and over again throughout history yet we ignore signs or commonalities which lead to a surprise attack from the tv shows, movies, and books we entertain ourselves with. This is called hindsight bias. “Like duh….” you say to yourself, “of course they weren’t in control cause why would they make robots not resemble themselves…”

Perception is so powerful and it makes things wildly entertaining. So naturally thinking about how crafty that idea was it reminded me that I never want to be predictable. However I do want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Miniscule breadcrumbs that are undetectable to most people’s eyes who are entertaining  themselves with the story and not the puzzle of the plot. That way people want to read the books over again because they start to notice all the little things that had escaped them before. It is, after all, the little things that we enjoy in life: a glass of water when we’re dehydrated, any bed to rest in when our body has exhausted ourselves, the most basics of foods when led to starvation…. It is the little things that keep us going and they are the most vital because without them there is no background, there is no history; and the key word in history is story.

Thank you Falling Skies and others who inspire, for you remind us all, that not only do you make brilliant entertainment but also that history makes the future and keeps us walking down memory lane so that we may never forget our journey and why we have come to be who we are.


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