Publishing A Book: Phase 1

This series of the blog is the first of many on my steps to publishing a book from the beginning. I hope to provide information to help other new authors have an idea of what steps they should be taking. You can also learn more on my development during this phase on my YouTube channel:

The first phase is the most simple because you have complete control; and that is coming up with the book you are going to write. Perhaps you are writing because you already know what type of book you want to write about or perhaps you know you are a writer and you are trying to come up with an idea. There are two things that you need to take into consideration either way. The most important is considering who your target audience is. The next is determining what genre(s) you will be meddling in. However the later is not as important unless you need boundaries.

For myself the target audience was the easiest to choose: Young Adult. I personally love young adult books because I love reading about teen angst and that feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Most importantly young adult is where you get to see the most in a character, in my opinion. You get to watch characters grow as book series continue on as they are aging and gaining more life experience. I also think that young adult is great for capturing more people. The reason being that young adults rarely read other age group books and many adults will read young adult because, like me, they find it interesting or because they see their children reading it and they want to be involved. So I feel you get more bang for your word in this age group.

As far as genre’s my book can technically be classified as the following: science fiction, fantasy, romance, suspense…. It’s okay to have a book fit in many categories but when it comes to selling the book you need to narrow it down to 1/2 genres so that the readers and those selling your book will have an easier time reaching that target audience. I am still deciding which ones to go with.

Knowing your target audience is important for several reasons. It helps you connect with a group of people and it creates a market for your book so your chances at succeeding will be greater.

The next step is determining what you want to write within your genre. Everyone will find their way differently. I’m going to tell you how I discovered my story and maybe you can take something from it.

When deciding to write a story I knew that it had to be original, though many ideas are not. At the very least I had to take original ideas and make them extraordinary. First I had to determine my characters. I realized the most important thing was to have a love interest because most books do and I am a bit of a closet romantic myself. So I determined what characteristics I wanted in my two people. For the boy I wanted him to be tough, handsome, melancholy, and to be a leader. For the girl I wanted her to be strong and independent. So then from their I did what I enjoy. I went to bed each night thinking about these characters and trying to put faces with them. Night after night I did this till I had a crazy dream. From that dream I found two characters with abilities and then with my hand to the paper I created a story.

I let myself jot notes down without knowing much else and everything came into place as i just continued to write. I decided before I go any further I would figure out their history, get to know the people around them and before them that have helped their personalities be shaped. I was in this research and development mode for over six months. Once I got all the basics in my mind I continued to write then I realized I was in the wrong perspective. I chose the first person because I wanted a deep connection. However my story needed more than my girls perspective. Instead I changed to the boy’s perspective because I found his outlook more unique due to his abilities and circumstances.

From there writing became easy. The hard part was developing the idea until I listened to myself and found the right inspiration. Now I see inspiration everywhere I look.


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