Believing In Yourself

Everyone has dreams and goals in life but yet not everyone reaches them or even comes close. I think the biggest downfall is when we tell ourselves it won’t happen to us. There is nothing more disappointing when you come to the realization that you can’t meet your goals. Why should it ever come to that? Talk like that is the reason why we never accomplish anything.

A long time ago I gave up on my dreams and just focused on reality and what I was expected to do, according to society, to get the things I want. During senior year in high school everyone was announcing what schools they were going to and what majors they were going to take. I started business marketing because it seemed like a job that would never fail even with the economy. To this day when helping my boyfriend job hunt 90% of the jobs out there seem to be sells oriented. Then I changed to psychology cause I was bored of the corporate world. I didn’t need a marketing degree to sell, I just needed a degree that benefits selling. What better way then understanding the human psyche to help boost communication and efficiency. Even with such a drastic change in degrees I still took the easy route. It was safe for me because I was good at it, even excelled in it. However, it was everything I never wanted to do while I was growing up. I watched my parents in the corporate jobs and I hated the lifestyle it provided to our family. Yet what other options are there.

I have done very well so far in my life. I have maintained a job in sales retail and I am now managing with an option for promotion any day if I choose, but I don’t because my focus has shifted. That is because I decided to take a chance on my dreams and hold off on advancing my corporate lifestyle.

It all started when I was graduating from college and I had no idea what made me happy. Of course it wasn’t my current job but then again what other job would make me happy. That’s when I revisited the past and what I deemed once to be the unlikely.

When you are living your life and you have a dream you just need to figure out a few things to see if it is reasonable. First, do you have the talent or drive for it? Then, what will it take to achieve it? If you can answer both questions then all you need is the motivation.

So if you love something why don’t you just go for it. You don’t have to quit your day job or drastically change your lifestyle. You do it one step at a time. It doesn’t have to be your career. It can just be what you enjoy doing, what gets you through the day.

Do I have the talent and drive to become an author? I originally thought “Why not, if other people can do it why can’t I?”. After completing my first book I have a lot of people who believe in the same, enough to want to make it a reality.

What will it take to achieve it? Initially baby steps. In the beginning it was just taking my ideas and writing them out till I found something that mattered. Then it was writing in my free time and allowing everyone and thing around me to inspire what I could write about. Now it is reaching out to other people, like I am doing now. Getting people to hear my words and take a chance on what I have to offer. Now I will take my dream and make it into reality.

The Project E.D.E.N Series coming soon in 2013 by B. Mauritz.


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