Several days ago I had the pleasure of meeting someone new who will be assisting on marketing efforts for The Project E.D.E.N. Series. Steffan Cook and Yvonne Pierre will be reading my book to see how they can assist on developing a web page and giving me advice on how to gain the right audience. It is very exciting right now to be meeting all of these people who want to help my dream become possible. Of course I could never do this without the help of my publisher Armaud Cooper. He has been extremely helpful in setting me up with valuable people and promoting me and my work.

I spent an hour with Steffan. I informed him of not just the book he will be reading but the whole series. I am very excited to see what the duo comes up with for me and to hear feedback about the book. I have had less than 10 people read this book so it is also exciting and nerve-racking to hear new opinions. I look forward to hearing about the good and what can be improved to make this the best work it can be.

As far as marketing goes Steffan informed me of something new I should be doing that has pretty much taken over this planet as far as getting heard in the world goes. Video blogging is all the rage and now I am finding myself pulled into this world. Years ago, before I wrote my book or even considered writing professionally, I thought that Facebook would be the extent of my socialization (That was even minimal for me). I am a homebody and also very shy so I never dreamed I would get this deep into the social world, yet here I am.

Steffan and Armaud made great points. Everyone uses YouTube and if I want to sell my book I need to let people get to know who I am before I can even tell them about my project. So along with this blog I will also be posting the video blogs. Perhaps sometimes they will collide or be completely different. Ultimately my purpose of both blogs will be to take others on a journey of the behind the scenes to getting my book published as well as getting to know me and my daily life.  So please stay tuned while I work on my communication skills and getting over my fear factor of how I am coming across when I am trying to have a one on one conversation with my lovely Macbook air camera. Wish me luck and please stay tuned, starting out with watching my introduction to my new YouTube channel:


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